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ever thought all day long endlessly in thought but not really getting anywhere
i've been thinking lately and everytime i think i keep reminising about my past
i keep having flashbacks of when i was younger and how much i want to be that guy again
not that me in my "grown up" phase is a bad thing i just had less to worry about when i was younger

im guessing thats the same with most of us as children we were care free and had no worries about the future or where we are heading in life it was just continuous playtime and no hard graft. Its all become too serious right now I love my life i love what im doing but the thought of whats going on elsewhere keeps me thinking and if what im doing right now as much as it will help me how much will it help anyone else, in my opinion life does not circle around your own accolades unless you've aided those less fortunate but thats just me.

you can give all the money to charities you want (been seeing alot of charities boxes and loads of notes going in them) but for some reason i don't feel any better especially the constant pictures of children being hurt thats what i hate the most, i guess i cherish my choildhood more because there are those who basicaly have no childhood, you see images of 10 year olds being strapped with AKs going to warzones and its so soul destroying it hurts., in a way i would love to trade places so those children can have a childhood full of fun and love.

hmmmmmmmmm you can dream i suppose
just the ramblings of a confused boy
thanks for baring through it ;)

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Comment by NatureJunkie on February 21, 2009 at 11:13pm
Jinboy, if it's any solace, things often get easier to bear as you get older. Of course, it's not the same for everyone. My childhood was anything but carefree, and I wouldn't go back to that troubled time for anything. In fact, I longed to be a grown-up back then. Kind Mother Nature--I got my wish.


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