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Cheapest airfare ever.... check this out

Due to my mother in laws recent illness, we were forced to look for a quick and inexpensive way to get from TN to FL, what we found shocked and surprised us. There is an airline out there charging fares as low as 19 dollars from here to there... that is what I said...19 dollars.. of course there are other fees and taxes that make it more like 35 dollars... but for 70 dollars it can get you there and back again, that is cheaper then taking the bus...

This is the link... they don't go to a lot of cities yet but you should all keep an eye on them and see
if they fly out of an airport by you. Just putting it out there,,, by the way, we haven't flown with them yet, so I don't know how their service is.. but it is still better then taking the bus.

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