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Breakfast Bytes Brought to You By My RSS Feeder

I'm addicted to my RSS feed.

Every morning, while sippin' the joe, I click through the titles and hit a few that sound like they promise something of interest, mostly having to do with local stuff, education, technology, social media, or the humanities in general.

So I decided this morning, out of curiosity to see what it might look like, to keep a blog edit open and just type in the random stuff I find. Of course, it's always fun to get feedback, too.

Don't tell me I'm weird. I already know.

Syd's Google Reader bits:

♥ Local blog about my school district- teacher/blogger complains about not getting useful data from the district via BIG STATE TEST SCORES from when the kids took it back in May and that the high-stakes testing thing is a ruse and only helps the Business Roundtable. I comment with a long diatribe about it and generally agree.

♥ Trade blog by AFT- a conversation going on between two educational leaders discussing high-stakes testing (opposite sides of the issue). I go back to the local blog and offer it up as a link. LINKIE

♥ The fringe-Republicans are all in a tizzy about there being an official "Muslim Prayer Day" at the White House. The truth is Obama is not behind it, but they'll use it to fuel their battle cries nonetheless. LINKIE

♥ Also from Factcheck: Did you know the word "Democracy" is not used once in the Constitution and that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams didn't sign the Constitution..? They were away at the time. LINKIE

♥ Nalts- How To Stop Spam for Free

♥ The Receptionist- Dating Sucks (a classic reposted, one of my faves from one my fave YouTubers)

♥ Henry Jenkins, whom I see as a modern-day Marshall McLuhan, interviews S. Craig Watkins about his book on social media and young people. He asks the question (among others) Is social media making us too
social? LINKIE

♥ Cape Breton Post (I stayed there last summer so I subbed to the news feed): The article's title reads "Man sentenced over sexual comments on Facebook, threats" I only clicked on it because the only other text under the title in my feed was "Editor's note: Some readers may be offended by the content of this story." lol, but I'm out of time and can't read it.LINKIE

That was fun. I'd be interested to know what your online reads are...?

Off to school now. Have a great day!

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Comment by Jim on September 25, 2009 at 7:27pm
Loved the Receptionist vid and the Watkins interview, thanks, Syd! =)
Comment by JustAnotherUserName on September 25, 2009 at 10:58pm
I'm so lame. I have the worst (aka boring) internet habits. First I look at Facebook. Yes. I'm embarrassed. Then I look at Twitter. I have 13, count 'em, 13 followers hanging on my every word. Then I look at the Ark. Then various and sundry newspapers including the LA Times, Naples Daily News and the NY Post. Especially, yes, page 6.

What a humiliating response this has been :-)
Comment by Pypermarru1 on September 25, 2009 at 11:37pm
1. emails
2. American Thinker
3. Open Congress
4. RealClearPolitics
5. Huffington Post
6. Local small town paper (on-line)

It's pathetic how routine my morning is. In the above order every morning.
I do all this at the office while drinking a big ass ice tea. In fact, I get irritated if someone calls when I am busy browsing my websites each morning. ;0)
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on September 26, 2009 at 12:24am
@Ruth- those social networks are an efficient means for staying in touch. I don't see you as someone who overdoes it, either, and the rest is pure news-junky-ism.

@Pyper- HP...? I can't believe you read that liberal crap. ;op


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