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Why do people have to get sick or die before we realize that we should have spent more time telling them that we love them? Why don't we take the time out of our busy lives in the here and now to spend time with loved ones, to get to know them better, to say, "I love you" and "you matter to me"?

My Mother in law is dying. She is old, we knew it would come some day,,, but not yet. I use to call her every day, we spent hours on the phone, but as she got older and I knew that her time was coming to an end, I pulled away because I didn't want to know. It was to hard to hear her labored breathing, it made it to real that she was mortal. I became unsure of how to deal with her memory lapses, do I remind her that she already knew something that she claimed she didn't know or do I just let it pass and tell her again?

My daily phone calls turned into weekly phone calls and my weekly phone calls to monthly and so forth and so on. I spoke to her the other day for a minute. She had just come home from the hospital and I wanted her to know we were thinking of her. I didn't tell her what she meant to me. I didn't thank her for being my friend for these last 25 years, I didn't tell her how much I would miss her if she were gone. I think she knows all of this... I hope she does.

She is back in the hospital now. It turns out she has a huge staph infection which has destroyed one of her heart valves.. so even if she survives the infection, there is no way they can operate on the valve, she is to old and to weak... she has days.. maybe weeks. So we are going to FL in the morning, it is only a 12 hour trip from where we are, we should be there late tomorrow night...

I will appreciate your prayers, thoughts and well wishes.. just keep her in your thoughts because as much as we have butted heads over the years... and we have done that too... she has loved me like a daughter. More then this though.. maybe you can call someone you don't talk to often enough and let them know that you care....that you are there...

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Comment by photo2010 on March 17, 2009 at 10:26pm
Lots of people abandon family and friends when they get sick. It's a sad fact. Either they don't care enough or they just can't deal with the fear of their own mortality. Your Mother in law is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you. ((((Hugs))))
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on March 18, 2009 at 11:33pm
Hey sis. Call whenever, k?
Comment by JustDee on March 20, 2009 at 12:23am
We're all good here.. thanks sis.


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