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  • where did she go?

    where did she go?

    Olive looks for Dinah I had made a few videos several months ago of my latest addition when I firs… lima Dec 1, 2015 64 views

  • haiku 4 U

    haiku 4 U

    lima Nov 12, 2014 72 views

  • Driving


    Heading back to the Interstate through Kingwood, West Virginia Music Matia San Kai Ta Dika Sou ~ K… lima Apr 29, 2014 71 views

  • Dan Barker: Losing Faith in Faith @ PSU Part 1

    Dan Barker: Losing Faith in Faith @ PSU Part 1

    Dan Barker, Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, spoke about how he, an evangelica… lima Apr 28, 2012 31 views

  • Nez Perce Duck and Dive

    Nez Perce Duck and Dive

    I attended a Pow-Wow this past weekend. This is some footage I took of dancing to the Duck and Dive. lima Apr 17, 2012 74 views

  • Reason Rally 2012 Highlights

    Reason Rally 2012 Highlights

    The Reason Rally was an event sponsored by many of the country's largest and most influential secul… lima Mar 25, 2012 72 views

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