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This is the first story I have ever wrote ( and it shows). It was never meant to have an ending but was just a weekly installment to a writing challenge. Almost all the character and plot grew from that challenge. It was meant as a fairy tail noir lol and went together with my icon photo.

So if you like the story the credit is mine, but if not you can blame Syd and the challenge. lol

The Dagger

Part 1
Chapter One
It was a dark night. I was a dark knight. I sat alone in the shelter taking my last slow drag from my cigarette. I crushed the butt on the wall and let it fall to the floor extinguished. Just like the blackness in my soul that threatens to consume me. Extinguished.

A whistle grew louder from the sky and ended in a deafening explosion that blew debris in my face. I lit another cigarette, tossing the lit match out of the door into the black night. I just sat looking... thinking, of what could have been, what should have been. Smoke rolled off my face as I walked out into the night, the sound of distant gunfire ahead of me. I pulled my trench coat collar up and my hat down low as I walked towards my destiny.
* * * *
The witch watched him walk away in her crystal ball. Trinket sat helplessly in the bird cage that made up her prison. “You can't do this, you know she's alive.”

The witch turned and regarded her for a moment and replied “It has to be this way. He is our only hope.”

Chapter Two
I walked for three days and nights though the smoke and shell shocked earth that made up the battlefield. The sun never penetrated the gray haze of the endless desolation that laid before me. Just black smoke and the sounds of screaming, crying, and wailing of the dying. But I welcomed the smoke. The sweet black smoke. It was the one thing that could cover the stench of the battlefield. The battlefield between worlds.

It was there I found the pit. A black hole tunneling straight down into the depths of the worlds. The pit of the Nezereen.
* * * *
Trinket sat cross legged with her chin resting on her hands. She watched the witch as she worked. Waiting. Hoping, for the chance that she knew would come.

The witch cackled in joy as she finished the evil concoction in her cauldron. After days of work she left Trinket alone for the first time since her capture. Trinket looked left and then slowly turned her head right, checking if it was safe. She pulled the hair pin from her hair and started working on the lock.

With a pop the door opened and she was free. Up she flew to the magic gate that would take her to the bomb shelter. Into the world ware she could save him. The only man she ever loved.
* * * *
I stood at the edge of the pit looking down into the blackness. I struck the match on the box and lit another cigarette with it. Then I tossed the lit match into the darkness watching it's light diminish into nothing. With that I started my decent. Down into the end of my days.

Chapter three
The witch returned to find Trinket missing from her cage. A smile spread on her misshapen face as she closed the gate to the bomb shelter, sealing it forever.
* * * *
I entered the cavern of the great Bolar. It turned to face me and snorted flame and smoke from it's red leathered nostrils. Its great horned head scraped the ceiling and knocked down dirt and rock that filled the chamber with a choking cloud.

I drew the last drag from my cigarette and flicked the still lit butt at the Bolar. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, and spit at the feet of the beast.

The Bolar laughed at me. He held his arms out wide and asked, as if to the world “this is the champion they send to defeat me?” And then his laughter filled the chamber, and then the world.
I pulled out the dagger feeling it's weight in my hands. Turning it slowly in my fingers.

Trinket flew into the chamber shouting “NO.”

She flew between us and turned to me. “She lied.” she paused catching her breath. “You don't have to do this. She's alive. Your daughter, and I have her safely hidden away.”

The Bolar roared “Now I will have You both.” He reached out and grabbed Tinker in his black clawed hand and held her up before me. “You shall know of her death before I defeat you. And you shall feel the pain of loss, and guilt as your punishment.”

The truth reveled itself to me then.“Boalr, you can never defeat me. A demon like you can never defeat someone with pride and integrity. Knowing the ones I love, love me in return fills me with pride. Knowing what I must do, not for them but for me confirms my integrity. Knowing that those I love are safe from you gives me more power than you will ever understand. I hold as my highest value those that I love and for them I banish you from existence”.

I plunged the dagger deep. Feeling the blood fill my lungs I could still see as the Bolar cried out in rage, as his body vaporized into oblivion.

Trinket was at my side as I lay on the cavern floor. Knowing that they were safe, it was the best day of my life. It was the last day of my life. It was the first day I ever felt free. There was no pain as I looked into her eyes for the last time, only the pleasure of knowing they were safe.

Part Two
Chapter One
She stood at the side of the bloody corps. Looking down at what could have been, at what should have been. A tear rolled down her cheek, then dropped, then another and another.

She bent down and picked up the hat. Underneath it she found the dagger. It startled her to find it there, but she soon became fixated on it and she picked up the dagger too.

After putting on the hat she walked from the cave. She stopped at the entrance to look back one last time. She pulled the hat down and vowed “I will never forget what happened here, and low to those that stand against me.”

Leoni looked around her- all those years or learning, of dreaming, and all she had to show for it was the bloody dagger in her pocket. When at last she stood at the edge of the pit looking out at the now quiet battlefield thunder rumbled through the sky, and though her, and it added to the blackness that filled her hart. That filled her very soul.

The air was still and no movement could be seen on the desolate wasteland as she started off in search of the last portal that could take her back. Back to exact her revenge on the one person that could of prevented all of this. Back to correct what she should of done a long time ago.

Lightning struck ground then lifted branches of arcing bolts around her. The concussion from the thunder shook the earth and sent a shock wave though the air, outward in all directions at once. Leoni's hand had found the dagger in her pocket as she marched on. Anger fueled her, and blinded her to anything but her goal.

The witch woke from her sleep in a cold sweet. She could feel her coming. And she knew, she was coming for her...

Chapter Two

The willow's branches danced in the early evening breeze, offering a welcome relief from the still, searing heat as Becka and John hid from each other in a game of hide and seek. As I watched my daughter playing, relief filled my soul as my spirit floated above the field that I used to take her for walks in the spring. The sound of her laughing reached me as I drifted away. Floating away from my existence in this world and into the after life.

Then the tear fell landing like a blow from a hammer. Then another and another, ripping me back to my body as it lay in the pit of the Nezereen.

As I reached the pit I saw her. Tears falling, one after another, washing away the blood stain from my trench coat, then filling the fold where Tinker slept.

Then I saw it. The dagger in her hand. “NO” I screamed, but I could make no sound from the after life. I could only watch as she turned and walked from the cave.

The last thing I saw was when she turned back and tipped the hat, as I was pulled back to my body. Back into darkness.


Lightning flashed as she held the dagger. Anger grew as she walked away from the pit with white knuckles griped around the hilt. Hatred consumed her. She could sense the witch now, and reveled in the thought of the gift she would be sending her. A gift of the essence of a Bolar.

Chapter Three

The ink hadn't quite dried on the certificate when the goblin lord burst into the room. The witch shot him such a venomous look that it stop him dead in his tracks. The necromancer picked up the certificate and slipped it into his robes. The witch turned to him with a scowl contorting her face then pointed a crooked finger at him “ The girl is yours, but only after I have my revenge and rid the world of that cursed bitch in the black hat.”

“The deal is done.” said the necromancer as he held up a glass charm “when you brake this it will bring you the thing that she desires the most.” he set the trinket on the table and spun about and walked out from the silver castle that was the witches fortress.

The goblin lord spat at the floor where the necromancer had stood. “We should no trust that one my queen”

The witch hobbled up to the window to watch him go “Never mind him, he is my concern, and with the charm I will have a quick surrender from that meddling girl . She will not fight against me when I hold her most precious thing captive. You worry about getting your forces together for her arrival. Now go!”

The goblin lord bowed and backed out of the room glad to be done with the witch without further incidence. He secretly hated the witch and anything to do with magic, but so far his association with her was very profitable. He would tolerate her for now.

The witch watched the necromancer go as a smile spreed upon her crooked face. The view was quite breathtaking from her silver castle. Built on the side of the mountain, a waterfall cascaded over the cliffs and fell into a river that flowed under a silver bridge. Snow fell from the sky and the mist from the waterfall formed ice sickles on every overhang giving the place a shimmering, mystical quality.

The witch and the goblin horde never looked so out of place.

As the necromancer walked down the staircase from the castle and made his way down the silver walkway to the bridge all he could think of was the girl. “This one would be difficult” he thought, “but the best always are.” A smile spread on his face as he left the witches lands to claim his prize.

Chapter Four

As the sun climbed into sky in the beginning of this terrible day, the necromancer climbed the hill overlooking the willow tree and the stream, finding a comfortable spot to watch the tragedy that would unfold before him.


They had been playing hide and seek when, after a long search she found his lifeless body face down in the stream. Pulling him from the stream she slipped on the moss covered rocks cutting herself badly on her wrist. But she struggled though it and finally pulled him to shore. And there she sat with him, crying though her grief, wishing things were different, not wanting to except what had just happened.

As the last light of day fell behind the tree line Becka sat holding the cold, wet body of her childhood friend John, replaying the events of his last day alive over and over in her mind as the tears fell one by one freely down her face.

Chapter Five

I awoke with a sharp pain running though my hart. A torment that threatened to crush my will to survive. The will to survive this unending pain. To survive long enough to save the ones I love, from the witch.

I tried to sit up but the pain was to great. I felt into my pocket for a cigarette and found it wet with tears. Then something moved and a small head popped out of the top of my pocket.

“Trinket”. I smiled down at her as she wiggled out of the folds in my over coat. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she looked up then flew right up before me and spun around and in circles leaving a trail of faerie dust behind her.

“Your alive” she laughed. Then she stop before me put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot in mid air. “How did you do that?

“It wasn't me” I said finding a smoke and fumbling with the matches to light it. “It was you . You and Leoni that is.”

Trinket looked at the trail of tears that had flowed into the knife wound in my trench coat. The tears had landed right over where she had slept and mixed with faerie dust cleaning the wound. “Thats amazing” she said. Then she looked again and a puzzled look came over her. “Where is it? She asked as she flew this way and that looking from the wound to my face franticly. “Where is yer... your sole?”

I sat up finally, and lit the cigarette. I inhaled deeply then exhaled a cloud of gray smoke. Sadly I looked into Trinket's eyes and forced a smiled. “My dear friend.... My sole is trapped. Trapped in the dagger with the Bolar.


The witch watched the image in her crystal ball. There lie Becka sobbing next to the stream holding her dearest friend for the last time. The friend that had always been there for her. Until today when the stream washed away his life and washed all the happiness she shared with him away with it.

The witch grinned a crooked smile fixated on the image in the crystal. Then she held up the charm and laughed “The girl will soon be my captive because of you.” She said cackling as she held up the charm. “And when that bitch comes for me, I will have her daughter to bring her to her knees before me.”

Then every goblin could hear the laughter throughout the castle. And they all cringed in fear.

Chapter Six

“Trinket, you need to go now. You need to bring your people”. I was standing now, then moving to the stairs that would lead me out of the pit. “Its time we took back your home”.


She walked though the rain. The weather was still cold giving a icy fog to her breath but she walked on with determination. A single purpose. With the dagger tight in her hands she crested a hill overlooking the castle. There she stopped seeing the force gathered on the grand steps leading to the castle. Everything had a glitter to it as the rain splashed on the silver surfaces. Ice sickles still hung from every overhang as the river flowed under the bridge. Then there was the goblin force. Stealing away the beauty of this grand place.

She started forward again, all hope vanished, but knowing beyond doubt that the witch must die. She must do this. She must end this now.


The witch stood at the top of the silver staircase watching. The woman had to know she was doomed but on she came. For some reason this gave the witch a bad feeling. Her confidence was mesmerizing, and baffling to the witch. “But no matter” she thought. It will all end soon.
The woman reached the bridge that was the only barrier to the castle and the witch called out. “STOP. Stop this at once and I will let you live”

The woman stopped. Lightning flashed overhead.

“This will end it all” the witch said under her breath. She took out the charm the necromancer gave her. “This will bring me her daughter and she will surrender before me to save the one she loves” said the witch smiling her crooked smile.


I reached the top of the hill to see the standoff before me. I saw her standing before hundreds of goblins. Standing before the witch. Standing defenseless against certain death.

I looked back over my shoulder one last time to see them coming. Then I turn and charged.


The witch dropped the charm shattering it before her expecting the womans daughter to be magically brought to her. What she received was quite different. What she received was the dagger. The witch held it up in disbelief as she screamed in rage.


As Leoni was about to charge over the bridge a great wind stuck her in the face blowing the hat from her head and the dagger diapered from her hand. Then she heard the scream as the lightning struck the silver stairway. The arks from the blast spreed all along the stairs and down the walkway to the bridge.

She had to turn away shielded her eyes from the blinding light of the bolt. She saw stars in her eyes. No? She blinked and looked again. Stars coming toward her. She turned back to the castle in confusion. A cloud of smoke was rising from where the witch had been standing. The goblins were scattered along the stairs dead or dieing. Some of the goblins that were standing on the fairway grass had started looking past her and started fleeing. There only escape was over the icy bridge.
She looked back again seeing the stars. No, not stars. Fairys. Hundreds of fairys flying right toward them. Then she saw the black hat rolling away, only to stop at his feet. There eyes met. It was him. He was alive, he was standing right here. He was here.

As they embraced the lights of hundreds of fairys rushed by overhead. Tears rolled down her face as they kissed. Everything seemed to go quiet and still around them. Leoni feelings of being safe and full of joy overwhelmed her as she held him tight.


“How?” was the question she finally got out, looking up into my eyes.

I held her face and cleaned her tears with the back of my fingers. “I don't know for sure. I think it was you. You and Trinket somehow, brought me back. But, I still have a problem. I need to get the dagger. When I came back my sole was trapped in the dagger with the Bollar.”

She looked at me questioningly. “The dagger?” She paused. “The witch, she took it somehow. Up there.” She pointed up at the staircase. The goblins were all but gone now and the lights were spreading over the castle. I held her as we walked over the bridge to the still smoking spot on the stairs. The rain was stopping as we climbed.

Trinket and some of her friends met up at the top with my hat. I smiled at her as I took the heavy burden from the group. As I put it on we found that there was no remains left of the witch. There was nothing left of her, or the dagger. “Was the dagger destroyed?” asked Trinket looking up at me.

The emptiness was still there. The feeling that far away my soul was doing battle with the corrupt twisted essence of the Bollar persisted. I was still trapped. I looked at Trinket then sadly at Leoni and shook my head, no.


Becka had stilled her tears. She was still kneeling next to the body of John as a light caught her attention from the grass just to her side. A dagger was lying right next to her. It couldn't of been there before, it just couldn't.

Just as she reached for it she heard the footstep coming from behind her. The footsteps of the necromancer.

End Book One

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Comment by BlancheNoE on July 21, 2009 at 6:32pm
I just love this Smoke, so I'll blame you. Syd does get a bit of credit for nudging you,though.
,..looking forward to book 2.
Comment by Smokescreen on July 22, 2009 at 12:23pm
It just goes to show you , never underestimate the power of tears and fairy dust.
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on July 30, 2009 at 1:57pm
Holy bejeezus, I remember this!!! I didn't know it was the first story you ever wrote, though!

What a fun blast from the past!
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on July 30, 2009 at 1:57pm


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