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Chig's Blog – September 2009 Archive (4)

Four... closure.

Sunday, August 30th, 9:30 pm.

Ruby laid on the floor near the kitchen side entrance. Ann laid next to her, listening to Ruby’s rapid breathing. It was time for bed soon for those of us who have to go to start another work week in the morning. I knelt down noticing that Ruby’s rapid breathing appears to look as though she has a slight spasm in her abdomen. “I thought the Theophylline would reduce any tendancy to spasm.”, I muttered to Ann as I laid my hand on Ruby’s side. Ann… Continue

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While I had been laying next to Ruby and asking questions I knew she could not hear much less understand, such as “Is there someone you are missing right now?” or “Are you happy here?”, Ann had set upon the task to fuel and build up the stamina of this little dog who showed all the physical signs of living through some very hard times in recent days. She looked like a puppy and at times she moved like a puppy, but when you touched her it was not hard to imagine her skeletal frame as it was… Continue

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After taking photos to send to her foster mother showing that Ruby was getting along with our other four dogs, we realized that Ruby was almost completely deaf. She was completely oblivious to any commotion involving the other dogs unless she could see it. This presented us with one challenge and resolved another. There was really no point in changing her name from the one given to her by the pound. She would never hear it. So as we could not pin a name on her, we simply pinned Toozday on the… Continue

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This text will probably become a web page with photos/videos in remembrance of the sweetest creature I think I ever have met. I know. I have joined the ranks of the online basket case. The story won't be a downer. Writing this is reminding me of all these little moments of joy I could not have had otherwise. This may take me a while, but I need to work my way through some pain, I had not been prepared for.. I hope in the end I will find the courage to see this as something other than a tragedy.… Continue

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