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Hello old friends, hello.

Dear Syd and all the Arkians at sea or on land,

I have been away for a long time, my main occupation being health management

of self. This winter I spent about two months in hospital and rehab facility, fighting

and recovering from aspirational pneumonia and something called Miller-Fisher

Syndrome. Awful stuff. It truly was nightmarish, but I'm happy to say that things

are on the upswing. OH, I forgot to mention that the doctors put a picc line in

my chest… Continue

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The Universe is a strange place to live.

A few months ago I got some unusual mail. It wasn't the mail itself that was unusual, they were two pieces of junk mail advertising life insurance from the same company. What was unusual was the word that was handwritten above my address on each piece of mail. The word was 'DIE'.

The mail in my building is put into mailboxes in the lobby, one for each tenant. Some pieces of mail that won't fit in the mailbox are sorted by a door person. These weren't particularly large…


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Just another day.


Yesterday I turned 60, (kind of how an over-ripe banana turns), but I made it.


I got a bunch of messages on Facebook from people I haven't seen in 40+

years. People I went to grammar school and high school with. It was good

read their messages.


One message that surprised me was a reply on Twitter to a message I

sent. Here are my message and the reply:…


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L*O*V*E is also a 4-letter word.

I guess the older I get, (and I'll be 60 on Nov. 13), the more cynical I have become.

The fact that the only two people who ever loved me unconditionally are gone

probably has a lot to do with this.


Then there are other people who say they 'love' me, yet they are on a new campaign

to put me in a nursing home. Why now? Because they are planning to retire to

Europe and feel that would be best for me. When my Mom was here, she was able



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dirty laundry part 2


After the confrontation between 'C' and my brother and other relatives, 'C' was forced into returning

my Mother's jewelry. Some of the pieces still missing, but I was unaware of this, and didn't care, my

Mom having passed just a week before. 'C' had the disgusting gall to call me in the midst of my mourning

to make me promise to sell her a specific piece of jewelry if I did decide to sell any, her voice

shaking with rage. I think I promised to do it just…


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dirty laundry part 1


I need to share what some of my relatives have been doing to me since my Mother

passed, even though I am embarrassed to admit I have these people in my family.

I'm hoping some of you can give me some perspective on this.


I have three aunts who are my Mother's sisters, living near me. One lives in my

building, two live in the highrise across the street. When my Mom had the stroke,

and had just been admitted to the hospital, she called me to…


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checking in

Hi Friends,


I hope everyone who celebrates the 4th is having a good one, and

that everyone who isn't celebrating is doing well.


I got some kind messages from NatureJunkie wondering where

I've been and if I'm ok. I haven't really been anywhere, except

maybe more depressed lately over my health issues, financial

struggles, worries about how long I'll be able to afford living

in my condo, etc. Maybe the unveiling for my Mom set…


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Letter from Michael Moore


Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden …a letter from Michael Moore

"The Nazis killed tens of MILLIONS. They got a trial. Why? Because we're not like them. We're Americans. We roll different." – Michael Moore in an interview last week

Thursday, May 12th, 2011


Last week, President Obama fulfilled a campaign promise and killed Osama bin Laden. Well he didn't actually do the killing himself. It was carried…


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For my Mom


Yesterday, May 1, 2011, was the unveiling at the cemetary for

the writing on the stone that she shares with my Father.


I wrote and spoke the eulogy, which expresses just a little

of who she was, and my love for her.


I would like to share it with my friends here:


"My Mother often told me about how she and her family came to the United States. She

told me that a lawyer who lived in her family's home town in Hungary…


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Roger Ebert @TED


It may be difficult to see Roger Ebert this way, but it is also very

positive and shows another way that technology can help us all.

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Live Feed of Bald Eagle nesting.


Amazing live feed of a Momma bald eagle laying on eggs soon to hatch!

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Maybe next year I'll understand.


Last week was the 17th anniversary of my Dad's passing. It was also one year

since my Mom passed. I also signed the order to have the lettering done

for my Mom on the monument she shares with my Dad. In a few weeks

we will have the unveiling.


I am trying my best to get through the days. When my Mother passed, I

heard someone say it's a "new normal". I know what they meant, but

I'm afraid that's a little simplistic. I'm still angry…


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On Wisconsin!

Michael Moore speaks at rally.

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Dean Kamen's new arm

Dean Kamen's new invention, robotic arm. He also invented the iBot and the… Continue

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Billy Joel Q&A

Clips from this Billy Joel Q&A in 1996 have been popping up on FB lately. I was

a photojournalist at the time and took stills at the event. A favorite memory ;)



<p><a href="">Billy Joel Q&A</a> from <a href="">photo2010</a> on <a…


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Goodbye Kodachrome


Thursday 12/30/2010, marked the last day you could get a roll of Kodachrome film

processed. The only store that was still processing Kodachrome was Dwayne's Photo

in Parsons, Kansas.

While this may mean nothing to those born in the digital age of photography, it is

a great loss to oldtimer professional photogaphers like yours truly. I only wish

I had shot more pictures on Kodachrome.

I've posted some links below that discuss the end of an…


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If you have iTunes and love The Beatles, you can go there
now and watch their first U.S. concert FREE of charge. It
was in Washington D.C. in 1964, and is a fun watch.
Just click on 'Watch the concert' on The Beatles page on iTunes.


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Amy, this one's for you.

Dear Amy, I hope you are still checking in. I just finished answering the tag you

inspired me to 'tis:

Here Amy, is my recollection as you requested of one of my encounters with a celebrity.

This took place in 1999. I was nearing the end of my employment with an organization

I had worked at for 18+ years. I was soon to go on full disability due to the fact that

my illness, Transverse Myelitis, was preventing me from doing the work I… Continue

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Just remembering..

A wonderful vacation I took with my parents around 1974. They took me out of college

for a few weeks. The trip started in Nice, France. We went along the coast into Italy

and traveled all through Italy. We were with a group and a guide and stopped at many

historic locations including Pompei, The Coliseum and Vatican City in Rome including

the Sistine Chapel. Florence to see The David and the amazing museums. Milan, to

visit my brother and sister-in-law, (where I stopped… Continue

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Filter question.

Anyone know where I can find a FREE (I am poor) selective blur filter for iMovie HD on a Mac? I don't care if it's a blue dot or distortion but it has to allow one to place it where wanted in the clip.


Added by photo2010 on July 13, 2010 at 1:16pm — 8 Comments

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