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Who would win in a fight between MOTC and Lonelygirl15?

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In light of the fact that MOTC is currently in possession of raw and unedited video of me,
It would not be in my best interest to comment on this topic.
,..but I *will* say that I'd love to see Jim (glad2bhere) and Christine (wheresthesea) go at it.
Howdy spacemonkey1310
Greetings from Not-Europe

What did you have in mind?

Laaaaadies an’ gennelmen,!

Welcome to tonight’s epic fight. In this corner we have some 15 year old girl named Bree and in the other corners it’s everybody’s hometown darling,… another 15 year old girl,… we like to call,… motc! (profuse cheering till cut signal)

And,… as an added attraction anotherbrianne will be the referee as “X” walks across the ring carrying a sign stating; Round one,…

But to answer your question,… Definitely motc as winner with a TKO in the third round. He has so much more substance.

Thanks for asking.


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