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OK I'm sure by now you all know about the awesomeness that is Horatio Caine. (If not shame on you. Check out this link and be amazed at his awesomeness;

Right so the game is this, come up with your own words to go with this picture:

It's very simple but here are the stages just to make it really easy to follow:
1a (the setup) - 1b (Horatio #1)
2 (Horatio #2)
3 (Horatio #3)

: P

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1a. "It appears Mr. Cheney's back went out mid-coitus. We'll have to separate them for autopsy."
1b. "*belch* *gag* *hiccup*"
2. "In all my years,..I've never seen anything like it,..."
3. "...maybe 2 pairs of dark sunglasses today,....and get me some Maalox,..stat."
Ha ha that's the spirit!
1a its a sunny in miami and Horatio is called to a scene mid morning to an incident that took place the night that just past, when entering the glitsy villa horatio is welcomed to a sight that no CSI would ever wish to envisage a couple laying on the floor both asphyxiated to a pale blue colour.

1b haratio asks the on call officer, "hmmmm any signs of forced entry??????"

1c nope the backside was closed

1d damn love can be murder...... yeahhhhhhhhhh


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