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New Picture Prompt Challenge - Have At It, Romantics (and Naysayers, too)!

This isn't the conventional man/woman romantic image, is it?

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Always grab the boob first. You never know when she will change her mind.
good lord Dreamcatcher,, grab the boob? lol lol thats not always the greatest first move lol lol
To me, what's remarkable about this painting is that it's the only work of art I know of where an angel is expressing sensuality. Usually angels are sent for protection, comfort, or to bring a message from God. But this angel, although loving, tender, and caring, seems to be getting some pleasure for himself out of the deal. The woman appears relaxed, but maybe slightly taken aback by the angel's overtures. Still, she has a look of trust, and I predict she will return his embrace in a moment or two.
to Jim, the painting was obviously done by a perv
Possibly, Christine, but think about it. Wouldn't an angel be the person you'd most want to make love with? I mean, there's even God's stamp of approval on him, what better recommendation is that? You wouldn't have to wonder if his motives were honorable or not. Plus, think of the things you could do in bed with someone who is able to hover. ;)
The LLOL was for Christine,..and Jim, heck yeah, don't wanna' pass that sh*t up,..
what are the odds you'll get a shot at that again eh?
LLOL (laughed loudly out loud)
Okay, all kidding aside, this beautiful work of art is called "Cupid and Psyche", and was painted in 1798 by Francois Gerard. The winged man, I have now discovered, is not an angel after all, but is the Roman god, Cupid. Psyche is a mortal whom Cupid falls in love with, having accidentally scratched himself with one of his own arrows. The entire story, which is fascinating and of course, thoroughly romantic, can be found here.
Welcome back to the group, Sara! Your contributions are always appreciated. If you can get your hands on that last painting you mentioned, I'd love to see it. Using a painting to start a discussion seems to work pretty well with this group.


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