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Now I believe things happen for a reason. Even the fact that at 5:20 am on my way to work I get a flat. Making it to the local gas station, I call home. ( I do not have a cell ) My hero (hubbie,sweetheart, soul mate) shows up two hours later after work before the tow truck. Tire switched to the donut and follows me to the tire store, to purchase a new tire. The old one is trashed. Finally getting home I call work again, telling them I wont be in. As I sit in my warm livingroom, Bun doing her bunnie thing, we,together watch our new president take office. The entire time I shiver as he speaks, then the pastor speaks. AMEN lets hear it folks. I have high expectations for this man and I do believe he will fill them. If I had made it to work, I would not been able to watch this happen. I feel blessed beyond belief. My company would not have let us watch, its all about money for the owner. I did watch and thankful to be able to. Is it a dream? Is nothing short of a miracle. Not long ago together we watched as he won the election. My eyes glued to the set. A few short months before that I was wavering, until I seen him speak, watched his eyes light up. I was hooked. He is the man and is a hero in my eyes. Now that I have rambled on and bored ya all, I just felt like putting my two cents in this day. Bless you all. ~Warmest bunnie hugs~ woo hoo we have a new prez!

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Comment by photo2010 on January 20, 2009 at 2:38pm
Something positive is happening..I wish President Obama great success!


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