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Yes i'm still here...and talking about stuff that makes no sense...good times lol....well so it's the new year...and where is my head at....well i have videos i want to make and need to make...but my motivation is soooooooo slacked right's not even funny....i don't know what it of course i decided to bare my soul out to everyone on here so to every day i wake up and i'm like...ok i need to make some videos...then my attention gets pulled...then it's like oh crap it's almost time for dinner i need to cook...and bam the whole day has vanished into a blur...and then i end up at this point where i'm like blah blah blah..... why do i have tons of ideas but i can't seem to get into gear of creation....i talk about this subject often with x....we usually end up getting off the subject and talking about something else cause our attention span seems to be that of a fruit fly....i fully blame the internet....and reality television....i never miss my shows though....never ever ever....and if i do...i tape only if i can get motivated like will be great...i have though stuck with my getting healthy resolution and i'm damn proud about wooohooo go ya...the oscar nods came out today and i'm so happy with them...i don't know about you but like with mickey i know he has gotten totally fucked up and all that stuff but i'm proud of the dude....and this isn't just cause i'm a fan of the "the wrestlers"'s because he really did a good job from what i've seen in that movie...i still have yet to see the whole thing...but ya...and is it just me or is kate winslett looking the best she has in her whole career.....she is looking beyonddddddd hawt :) zomg i just thought of this...leo didn't get nominateddddddddddddddddddd zomg *HULK SMASH!* now scott is doing his "of course leo didn't get nominated thing.....(i look at him from the corner of my eyes) leo one day you will get an oscar and hopefully i will be able to see that in person and give you the standing ovation you so deserve....i've been a leo fan chick since he was on "growing pains" and that's not gonna change...even though he seems ultra boring lol it just me or are you wondering how wonderful it would be for angelina and brad to win best actor and best actress...then like how much more wonderful times 100 it would be for jennifer anniston to be in the audience and the camera going to her each time.....zomg that is a celebrity gossip wet dream right there...i suspect that jennifer's head would explode if they both i'm sure the accademy doesn't want to be responsible for such they wouldn't let the both of them win for the safety of ms. anniston....i need to cook in a bit....see there we go...this whole blog is about to end cause i'm reminding myself it's almost time for me to start dinner and "the office" "soberhouse" "30 rock" is coming on tonight...zomg did you watch the premiere of "soberhouse" first off...i'm gonna watch it hardcore cause i just want to see mary carey say "i'm drinking campagne in frist class see ya tomorrow" that is such a wonderful line and the best part of the trailer.....i know...."erica why do you think that is the best line" cause i have a twisted sense of humor more than likely...and those paint chips i used to eat when i was a child didn't help :)

well till next time...rambling out....


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Comment by flophousepoodle on January 22, 2009 at 7:52pm
Ya office!
Comment by PrincessEricasWorld on January 22, 2009 at 8:33pm
@ flophouse "the office" is epic funny micheal scott is my hero :)

@x...ya i thought he did a really good job in sin city...i think that alot of people don't think of him in the terms of being an actor that is good at his craft...which he has most def proved...and his acceptance speech for the golden globes was just sweet...he seems like the gentle giant to know someone that you look at first and you are like whoa he is scary...but it's actually a really chilled out i didn't seem him on nortan...i need to look that up....i know for "the wrestler" the director had to fight to get him in the film...cause they felt rouke was too much of a i always enjoy enjoy the stories where a person is totally thought of to be the wrong choice then they knock the ball out the park...idk i root for the underdog alot lol....x...i'm drinking champage in first class...i'll see ya later *slams the phone* also sock stealing is wrong lol....that girl had issueeeeeeeessssssss....

@hatter awww thank you...ya they are always videos that i want to's a big fact of me just getting easily distracted so i lose focus is all....nothing major :)....i'm semi doing the smoking one...that is my biggest thing that it seems almost impossible to quit....but the year isn't over yet...maybe they will invent a magic pill that just makes you not want ciggerettes anymore...that would be wonderful....and winslett is the hawtiness and leo is wonderful don't say anything wrong about him...only i can hehe

@deborah i think he has had wayyyyy too many plastic i think he got a face lift...or a few of them...and he had alot of botox...but he is still the gentle giant to me...i want to give him a flower hehe
Comment by Buliwif on January 23, 2009 at 4:48am
Heh... Leo... "The wave of the future!!"
Comment by Buliwif on January 23, 2009 at 4:49am
Oh yea, LOVE YA BABY! <3333


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