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Hey all.  I just got word that Ning is upping their fee once again.  I'm so grateful to all of you who've helped to keep this boat afloat all these years, but there's no way I can continue considering they're doubling the monthly fee beginning October 1st.

So unless anyone else wants to take the wheel, I'm gonna have to call this place quits the very last week of September. I'm so sorry. I dreaded this moment.  I want to send out an email to all members, but I figured I'd wait a couple of weeks so that those who visit more regularly will have a heads up and happen upon this on their own rather than get an impersonal all-call.

Are you guys on Facebook?  I'm not a big fan of it (only use it for immediate family members) but I'd be willing to get on there and look for you if it means we could stay connected.  

If you have any better ideas, drop 'em here. 

Gonna go mope around now.

UPDATE: Chig's takin' the wheel!   

Gonna go dance now.

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Comment by Dokstl on November 19, 2016 at 1:12am

I'd like to loge a complaint for the new management.   For security reasons I was forced to choose "Bottom" as my answer.  Firstly, I normally require several drinks before divulging that information, secondly I'm a Gemini !  ;-) 


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