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My friend, Debra is here!

I'm so excited to welcome my friend, Debra Antoniak (also the name of her channel)!

Back in November I did a post on the evils of immigration and referenced a friend whose husband had recently been deported to Poland because INS didn't believe they were a legitimate couple. Her life has been very difficult ever since.

I hope she finds the Ark to be a bright spot, and I hope you'll hop over to her page to welcome her!

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So it's Christmas day.

My parents are here. We were talking about my video habit, since my son got a new video camera and I was thinking I might have to go out and get one too because it is so cool.

Anyway, my father is a retired Lutheran mother a homemaker.

We logged into LV to watch a few of my Christmas vids from last year when David and I were in England.


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Ok...I give up...

I have been FORCED to download Skype as a means to keep in touch with folks I no longer see here. Even my MOTHER is on Skype...sheesh. So I guess I'd better get with the program. My Skype is Justanotherusername1. What's yours?

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Immigration Update....

David has received his 10-year green card! It took just over three years. Obviously we're thrilled. It's like this enormous weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

My friend, Debra, married a Polish guy a couple years ago. She's 14 years older than him but there's no doubt in my mind that they're a "real" couple. He's lovingly taken on her two children; one of them has severe autism. Unfortunately, Immigration didn't believe them and he was deported to Poland last week. The… Continue

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Don't be so sad!!!!

So LV is gone. We knew it was coming. We discussed it. We prepared for it.

Syd created it and we joined it :-)

Geez, folks...I mean, it's not like someone died, right? We have this place and a number of others where our friends are!! Let's keep this in perspective--it's not an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or terrorist attack.

It's a different link we click now.

I know, I know....LV was important. It served a purpose. It was a community. We were part… Continue

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A New Day!

I voted first thing yesterday morning. I always vote. The first thing I did when I moved to California was register to vote. I love jury duty, too. I'm weird that way :-)

After I voted, as I was walking to my car, for the first time I felt that I had accomplished something in that booth. I felt like I was voting for something that really mattered.

And last night, as David and Zach and I were watching the news, it was just so very exciting! Watching my 13-year old son get… Continue

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