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Just finished sewing more uniforms, but can't stand WEARing clothes.

starting to rethink my side hustle game during a global pandemic. Restrictions are gonna pinch the game I just started.

Maybe Imma record some digital media, warm up my payapp and do what I do.
This is one of many reasons I Never, Ever tell ANYone online where I work.

This social distancing thing is going to force innovation but honestly we should BE here already for the last 10years.

It's not what they meant by HackThePandemic- the hashtag is a call to Techies, engineers, programmers , CAD designers to repurpose 3D printers and put their heads together to fill gaps where our Government fails us. We are NOT a United States, but 50 sovereigns held hostage by a fvcking psychopath squatter and if we don't bypass and backdoor him ..we better be ready for the fight that comes after the plague washes through.

Dotard used that term as if it is a gentle is in FACT, an epidemiology term referring to how a NEW disease outbreak "washes through" a region decimating it, until it runs out of HOSTS. i have to suppress the compulsion to break i started poling biking, limping around after work where everyone has NO clue whats going to happen but is boiling beneath the surface with FEAR. The only fear I have ever had, is fully focused on Humans...who make everything worse with their stupidity.

so jokes about selling strip videos on levels is funny AF to me RN...

laugh during a crisis or you aint got a chance of crawling out i

From a Girl who Knows.

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