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At 12:19pm on September 3, 2011, ThatGirl said…
Thank you so much for your concern, little sweet thing. We are all fine, its just the damage from trees and floods, but that is NO big deal..people=more important.  We are grateful, we have had power most of the time.. hey< YOU..I want to see more of your musical musings sometime soon. School start yet? band practice? Play us something soon....take care sweet thing
At 8:55pm on June 21, 2011, Pypermarru1 said…

Stop! Drop! Roll! - things you should do if you find yourself on fire.  Course, in a pinch, you can use it as a dance move if you add a twirl.


At 7:54pm on May 13, 2011, BlancheNoE said…

Hi there, Cutie-head

Can I call you Cutie-head?,...'cause ya' are.


At 2:20pm on March 6, 2011, Pypermarru1 said…

Check it out, Half-Pint :0)

At 4:23pm on February 23, 2011, NatureJunkie said…

In case your day is stressful, I thought you might enjoy this "nice, calm, mellow" violin piece:

And if you want to relax to something really soothing:

At 4:21pm on February 23, 2011, NatureJunkie said…

Of course, it's this classic bluegrass lullabye that always puts me right to sleep:

I don't know what your friend thinks a violin is supposed to be, but I can tell you her world is too small!

At 1:50am on February 17, 2011, flophousepoodle said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes! WOOT! Birthday for mom today, right?
At 3:22pm on February 14, 2011, NatureJunkie said…

Just so you know.

At 8:34pm on February 2, 2011, flophousepoodle said…
At 8:15pm on January 12, 2011, SydTheSkeptic said…
At 8:00pm on December 30, 2010, SydTheSkeptic said…
Hey!  How's it going?  How's school (forgive me, I'm hardwired to ask).  What grade are you in...?  Are you having a good time off?
At 7:46pm on December 26, 2010, Pypermarru1 said…
I thought we were friends?  How could you?
At 5:02pm on November 14, 2010, Pypermarru1 said…
Your Aunt is a chump - even my cat Thatcher thinks so...ha.
At 5:39pm on September 10, 2010, Pypermarru1 said…
Hey Half-pint, my sister-in-law found a boxer puppy that had been abandon. She took him home and named him Cisco.
She named him that because of the song
"Cisco kid, was a friend of mine"
Old song...ask your mama - How the heck are you? You still drinking booze and taking illegal drugs?
At 3:42pm on September 10, 2010, NatureJunkie said…
Your mom and the lost dogs she picks up on her route. She really can't help herself, can she?
At 3:40pm on July 23, 2010, NatureJunkie said…
Hey Chica, nice new icon ya got there. Whatcha hidin'? Braces?
At 12:54pm on July 1, 2010, BlancheNoE said…
Hey there, Beautiful.
At 3:16pm on May 28, 2010, NatureJunkie said…

Don't forget to practice during summer vacation!
At 11:47am on May 3, 2010, Pypermarru1 said…
Hey Half-Pint. What a great surprise to come to the Ark and see you have a video up - Love seeing your face.
At 1:59am on April 14, 2010, AnnelidaFilms said…
Okay, if I got this right, I can post Videolympic challenges and offer the booty of my choice to the winner. How one wins and who makes that decision is a mystery to me; who am I supposed to bribe? I don't see anything in the rules against shotgunning multiple challenges, so here's my semi-officially-worded challenge:

I challenge you to be my opponent in Videolympics #1!

For any and every challenge listed below that you accept and I lose, I'll give you your choice of a) one official Canadian Toonie (which costs 16 cents to make and is worth 2 dollars US), or b) I'll post a vlog on The Ark about any subject of your choice.

More details at:

I challenge you to any or all of the following Videolympic missions:

1. Show us what's in your purse or your wallet.
3. Show us how you created a piece of origami, but do it "artfully"
5. Show us some items that you're embarrassed about owning.
7. You're a vlogger and it's the year 2099.
9. Make a video with the title "Ten Things I Hate About...."
12. Edit a scene with you & another Arkian so that it feels like you're both in the same room.
14. Fly
17. Do a time-lapsed video (using your own footage).
18. Create a stop-motion video (using your own footage).
19. Attempt a special effect that's simple but impressive
20. Do something funny with yourself and a green screen
24. Interact with an animated character.
27. Write an original song and perform it as an edited music video

Interested? We have 5 weeks left before the Closing Ceremonies. GO!

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