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Why am I starting the roleplay again? well...

@Kumori I am not looking for old members. they are free to join in at there own lesure. I am planning on going back to basics, where a story is made by the people. I lost track of all the roleplayers when Live video changed the tags and typing N.T.O in search would no longer show you the recent videos posted. As soon as that happened there was no way I could see who posted what and add what they did into my own video to bring all members together. because of this, the videos I made excluded many members who had made videos that I never knew about.

For eg. Tadrockhogan made a video in which he attempted to free omegasquad from the LVR, I did not see this video as it never appeared in the recent Tags nor the most comments ect pages. Because of this, my video ignored what tag had done, and he emailed me about it and stopped the roleplay.

because of the increase of video editing skills of the members, most members left it, feeling outcast, and the roleplay felt more like an exclusive group. because of the time needed to make videos with effects, the remaining members let one member drive the whole story at a time, the rest did nothing in fear of throwing off the plot.

others did nothing because they did not have the skill or programs or items of the other members. when all the rest moved to there own serious, I attempted to bring the roleplay back as it once was, but I realised it could not be done on live video.

So I have been waiting for the community to gather together for the entertainment that the roleplay once was. in which everyone was a part that wanted so, and skills had nothing to do with it, where a video responce could be done in 24 hours, and it becomes fun again.

all the old roleplayers, there skill and there time dedicated to the roleplay, made it a legacy, they outdid themselfs, but this is the new old roleplay, where a video reply is all that is needed to move the story on.

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Comment by OmegaSquad on January 15, 2010 at 5:59pm
The thing I discovered with the roleplay is that it's not a true RPG or even LARP because of the time lag in which to make videos. True roleplay is an act-react proposition and the problem was nobody could keep track of who's "turn" it was as people came and went. It wasn't possible within the structure we had at LV, once it got beyond you, me, and a couple other people because everybody jumped into everybody elses storyline. You had to deal with bizarre setups and sometime ridiculous concepts or just flat out ignore them as I had to do on several occasions.

The best videos from the roleplay were the ones were a subset of people went off with a script and a plan. In other words, not a true roleplay at all but,..well, a movie. Which is not to say the NTO world can't exist, it just should be people collaborating to make closed stories within the same world.

In short, you gotta keep it small.


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