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A crazy thought

i was sitting down today in of all places the toilet (best place to think i feel)
and a thought popped into my head
why are some humans destructive
destructive as in there only answer to a porblem is to blow the living hell out of it
and I was wondering were this destructive mind set comes from
and i got to thinking alot of destructive things have been going on lately
like the hurracaines and the tsunamis and alot of ecoligical destructive behaviour has been seen
so hows this for a thought
human beings cant help but be destructive seeing as we were created from a great big explosion to start with
and to this day the earth is still chaotic
you may not see volcanos but the earth still oozes out lava every day all over the world
and even when this earth is no more it won't be because we have killed each other off
it will be from one destructive bang from the sun
the day when our star has ran out of juice and in its dying moments wants to leave in a blaze of glory
it will make it self grow to such a size that the earth will be engulfed and in that instant BANG and the brightest of lights will be seen all across the galaxy

CHAOS is all around us its onl a matter of time until we evolve and figure out how to stop being so chaotic

that toilet is majestic i tell you

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Comment by Jim on May 1, 2009 at 4:00am
If we're all going to go, we may as well go out with a bang. Better than being flushed down a toilet, lol.


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