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They say god is everywhere then why can he not hear me

its like im being mocked by him like hes saying you can't see me

be it for my indulgences or for the furthest reaches of humanity

everytime I pray to him I never see that clarity

what am I to do in this most complicated of tragedies

when the one who you believe in the most

is the one telling you to abandon all your hope

come over to the darker shade of grey

where the realm of reality is completely blurred

is this what the world is mean't to be

a symphony of travesties?

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Comment by ThatGirl on October 2, 2011 at 7:40am

Is there any significance to the fact you posted this on 911? I know this is poetry but it does cause me to react in thinking things like this for you...Sometimes it's best to find a way to quiet the brain, meditate on all that you question, clear your head of all thoughts, and allow what will come in to come into it in it's purest form. Take what you get from those moments and reenter your daily world, then you will find out what your place in the world IS...each of us has to find what our value is in this world. Where we can make small differences, and those can be learned to be cherished. They HAVE value.  Carrying the world's problems on ones shoulders is a burden too great for any one of us to bare.  Let that silence talk to you, don't try to name it or attribute it ....  act on it knowing that you cannot stop the evil things men do all by yourself, all you can do is your best in the world and protect those you love....


sorry I wasn't about when you wrote this. I have issues that time of year, every year. This year in particular 2 days before 911 I spent the whole day watching jets take off from McGuire to cover the city where all day we had a viable threat to deal with , no one apprehended, and everyone on guard. Just like 911, the sky was clear and blue, sunny and warm and all the while it felt like death could come at any moment to anyone..  I guess we just have to learn to live with it, breathing in every minute we get, because we can never anticipate when it could when we go, maybe we should just have been working at being at peace with ourselves....  take care...maybe i dunno what im saying. Im sick and feverish. so if this doesnt make sense later,, i may have to discard it with my used tissues...

Comment by jinboy on October 2, 2011 at 11:58am

i do like to have a rant at god once in a while and i do find that i am more coherent when i write............. also i tend to write whenever i get a feeling and on that day i was just rushed and overwhelmed and simply had to wirte it down or it would have bugged at me untill i did......... i am a heart on sleeve type of person


I cant imagine how it must feel being so close to the towers seeing as im pissed and im in another country


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