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Fact: When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at;  change.

Why Do You have unfinished projects?

That's the first thing to come to mind when the concept is addressed.

If it's because you don't like the way something looks that you have indeed completed? Why?

Is it because there are pieces missing which are beyond your own control?

Is it because you fear how it will be received?

Is it because you had an idea and your feelings changed about it along the way?

This month seems like a good time to examine the reasons, maybe share what you have, share thoughts with others, finish them or put them to rest.

This was a complicated thing for me to consider and I'm still not sure how I feel about it because having unfinished business is kind of prohibited my my little world.  I approach ALL things in life the same way.  Even if I know success in a certain area is beyond my control, that a force has even been purposely placed in my way, I still approach it from my perspective that it is my DUTY to keep trying. At times, this is to my detriment, but at others that improbable outcome becomes a reality.

From the moments of getting this broken body Moving against all that I am supposed to be "unable" to do in this condition, I still employ the "it's on ME" and "nothing worth doing is ever easy" approach.  I'm sort of a fighter that way.

I'm not a person to Ever quit on anything, so I'm still not sure how to approach it. Being the furthest thing from a procrastinator, anything that remains unfinished has been a conscious decision to lock away for various reasons; Time and Relevance being at the top of that list.

Maybe if nothing else, this blog will generate some thoughtful responses.

*911 is a solemn day for me personally, maybe that's why so profound? For me, every DAY is a gift; so I am not one to Waste time that has been taken away from other people and could very well have been me if I made one decision differently. That's exactly how 911 stole people from my life and changed people around me dramatically, while my kids were still so little they didn't understand.  Life changed so much in the next ten years, ties with the people left behind withered away, some by choice others by necessity. 

...and there are 100s of thousands of related families and friends who can say the same.

if you broaden the view, that's everyone on the planet and we can say the same for any tragedy that leaves a mark on humanity.  It didn't take 911 to teach me this way of viewing life, however. I have always approached it this way.  Everything ELSE is just so SMALL...and insignificant, no matter how it makes you feel, you can't give it enough weight to keep you from accomplishing things you want to do.

(edited for emo?)

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Comment by Chig on September 11, 2014 at 2:54pm

My coworker mentioned to me it was "9-11" last night, and I have not bee able to stop thinking about  people back east and what a life changer that day was.

Thinking about you Sara.

Thought I would share Damien RIce's first official song release in 8 years which came out this week.  I believe this is a testament to starting over to learn to love the things you once loved all over again. So it is possibe to create and experience somethng as if it were new, and indeed a treasured gift.

Comment by ThatGirl on September 12, 2014 at 5:28pm

@Chig - Aw, thanks, man. I also passed your message along.

The Song -- It's beautiful.  Melancholy..but hopeful.  

you said "starting over to learn to love the things you once loved all over again"  

It's definitely possible, and with time those things can be like something new , because we are different when we approach them.

We all fall down and have to get right back up if we wanna stay in the game.  Probably the toughest one we will ever play.

Comment by NatureJunkie on September 14, 2014 at 4:19pm

After reading your blog a few hours ago, I've been thinking about this all morning, Sara. I have several unfinished projects. In thinking about why they are still unfinished, I've come to the conclusion that it is not at all due to fear, but a sense of obligation that I should do them. I started the projects with good intentions, but afterwards other things took my attention because they were, well.. more interesting.

Or in a few cases, projects are unfinished because the amount of work required to finish them is not worth the payoff I would feel in terms of satisfaction once the job is done. So it's not a fear of failure that prevents me from going back to them, but a fear of expending time and work on something that doesn't promise to be all that worthwhile.

But unfinished VIDEO projects, now that's a different matter. I plead "too many ideas, not enough time."

Comment by ThatGirl on September 15, 2014 at 10:33am

@NJ- Thanks for the thoughtful response.  What I really get out of finishing something is that same thing my kids snarl at, when they ask "why should I?" and my response is  "for the FEELING of Accomplishment"!

thats usually when my son throws twizzlers at me and then I beat him with them..we have a wonderfully strange relationship.

Come ON NJ, do it for the FEELING! No? okay, maybe this only works on students and my own kids.

Comment by lima on September 15, 2014 at 8:08pm

several projects I have started and not finished is because I got bored and lazy with the project.  :/


Comment by ThatGirl on September 16, 2014 at 10:40am

@Lima: come on girl...

Are you really gonna make me break out my Coach Hines on you too???

Or the Madame?

Or the Boss Lady?

well, at least "show or tell" us what you got so okay, Coach Hines it is.

Comment by Chig on October 2, 2014 at 5:45pm

Well... I started to lose faith in the idea of connections but slowly it is being restored. 

Comment by ThatGirl on October 7, 2014 at 4:42pm

@Chig -  


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