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Oh love, spread thy warmth upon this world

Ensnare those beasts that forsake thee

Seek out such lowly spirits immersed in gloom and despair

Lift them on the wings of doves


Oh love, encroach not with subtle doubts

But with thy strength endureth all

Affix thy gentle mantle to hearts with increasing joy

Divert us from detraction


Oh love, pierce the shields of warriors

Resolve conflicts that obscure thee

Mete out with tender recourse thy grail with aims that endure

Forgive us our infractions


Oh love, release thy breath on the wind

In fragrant scents contain this sphere

Sustain us in our passage as we invoke your wisdom

To soar on the wings of doves

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Comment by ThatGirl on February 17, 2012 at 4:50pm

romantic and heart shattering at the same time, depending on perspective. you might enjoy our group. Post your poetry or link love songs there too, I'm thinking.


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