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So preoccupied have I been with trying to compete in that confounded Video Contest that I forgot to share the new concept for potential success with my ArkFriends.


Ladies & Gentlemen supporting the Bodine Video...


As some of you are aware, despite the much appreciated support my Internet friends have funneled into winning this Contest, the teenage/twenty-something competitors I'm running against have used their youthful vitality and lifelong internet networking skills to advance their Vote Counts out of the reach of my current ability to catch-up/overtake them.


DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED! Brandishing numerical superiority in votes does not constitute an absolute win for any of the frontrunners in this Contest.

60% of the outcome generated to decide who will be the 3 Winners is in the hands of the Judges during their 2-week Judging Period which begins next Tuesday, October 25.


Since this Competition was meant to be more than a "popularity contest" decided on merely by the amount of biased supporters any Contestant can muster, I have decided on a new angle to pursue in order to win over the favor of the Judging Team.


COMMENTS. Yes, Comments. This contest was meant to be a "Social Media Event" as described by the Contest itself. If we can exceed the other Competitors in Comment Interactions, our video will take on a life of its own. We have just today succeeded in becoming the frontrunner in Comments!


So, I request, my Supporters, that beginning today until the end of the Voting Period, please, for each day you vote, leave at least one Comment on the Video! I will Respond to each Comment and we will try to increase our lead of being the "frontrunner," if not of Votes... "of Comments." The Judges will be destined to take notice of the overwhelming Support of our Comment Section. Along with the Video's musical & creative qualities, I believe we can sway the Judges in our favor!



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Comment by NatureJunkie on October 21, 2011 at 11:43am

I'm glad you're not giving up, Diesel! I have not only been voting every day, but I've also been hitting the view button on your video to rack up the views. I didn't know that comments count too though, so I'll drop a few more lines in the coming days.


Good luck, and personally, I would be quite motivated to win that fine mandolin if not the Martin guitar!

Comment by Diesel Bodine on October 21, 2011 at 4:49pm
@NatureJunkie: Thanks! Wow, that was a doozie of a Comment you've left on my Video! I now feel the need to go into great detail about the similarities an differences between "I've Been Born About 4,000 Years Ago" and "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes." The other guy in the Finals doing the same song didn't even get the subtleties of the melody right. OK. Now to start writing my dissertation to Respond to your Contest Video Comment with. Give me some time, though before I get it posted. I've got some things to take care of before I get it written.  8-)


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