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To mark the 50th anniversary of manned space flight, the British Council has supported a feature-length film that weaves historic audio recordings of Yuri Gagarin's inaugural journey with new footage of his orbital route.

The global premiere of the full film can be seen on 12 April at

Follow us on Twitter for realtime tweeting of the preparations for lift-off, and the conversations between Gagarin and ground control, on the morning of 12 April:

To further mark the anniversary, a statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, will be unveiled outside the British Council headquarters in London on 14 July 2011.

The statue is a gift from the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, to the British Council.

For more information see

For more information on the First Orbit see


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Comment by Holger on April 22, 2011 at 6:43am
will take a look!


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