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its been a while but its been long enough,

the last time i called you was a year ago,

i said bye before you got to say hello,

an awkward moment?

maybe so but that was then but its still their and you know,

remember when you hung up and i never said a thing,

now your rolling around a baby carriage and im rocking a gold ring,

no its not just for bling,

see her in the far corner thats my life partner i see yours is just over their,

maybe what we did really was the right thing,

i think we can call that fair,

still wondering of what could have been,

hahaaa been their done that wrote a book and moved passed it............

Yeah i heard a new song and just wrote it :)

(songs chorus) If "Happy Ever Afters" did exist, I would still be holding you like this, All those fairy tales are full of shit, One more fucking love song, I'll be sick.

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