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it helps to remind yourself WHY we bother to keep on

 I used to record and share in order to prove  you can't  make a difference if you quit or get discouraged.

Sometimes you get ONE bloom a year (like CHIG's annual Bloom).

Its value cancels out EVERY poor outcome... here's One little nugget from 2014

  • I teach 8th grade for the moment. BIG kids, teens and some are huge athletes.
  • THURSDAY - emergency lockdown message cam over the loudspeaker unexpectedly
  • it was a True lockdown but we never know WHY or where the threat is located.
  • The other teacher herself stood there almost frozen, took too long to turn around and start moving
  • She tells the kids to take their places but does nothing else
  • I dont let too many seconds go by before (stepping on her toes, stepping up and taking care of all the safety precautions)
  • I peek outside to snatch in any kid who is trapped out there in the fray.
  • I find ONE panicing looking around not knowing where to go
  • I SNATCH him IN. 
  • i pull the magnet out of the door lock and pullit to lock
  • the teacher had not pulled the magnet, that leaves the door open from the outside....*smh
  • i push this kid to the corner and shush the rest who are starting to whisper because they are really scared
  • BIG BASKETBALL Player dark skinned boy who likes me and kind of clings when things go bad because hes' ( you know? TOUGH but needs help)
  • he pulls my pant leg asking "is this real man this is bad,  are we gonna get shot?"
  • I winked smiled and said " dont worry man, we GOT this, Me and you. We'll take him down if anyone comes near. you with me?"
  • he suddenly relaxed
  • but his eyes never left my direction. he just made big eyes and looked into mine 
  • i kept winking and just stood strong with him.
  • we listened for about 8 whole minutes to people running through the school
  • we heard the doors being pulled at trying to get in
  • we heard one woman and several men's voices
  • no one was yelling, they were talking but frantically
  • we heard them come closer,
  • i looked at all of them...SILENCE...
  • the teacher was blowing her nose and complaining that this should not be happening.
  • I say..SHHHH
  • they pull on our door several times, they bang and knock and then they leave
  • Announcements followed that it was over
  • This basketball player kid ..collected his composure again, high fived me, winked and now I got a NEW friend and a trusting student for SURE
  • Im betting i will be able to get through to him better after this experience.. it happens this way all the time.
END:  neighborhood police were chasing a suspect .The police check every room. The stupid teacher left the shades up, til i crawled over there and pulled them.  She told me that was not necessary. Always follow your instincts. soon as the cops had the guy in cuffs, the lockdown was suspended and there was never any REAL threat to us in that room.  There Was, however, a hurdle overcome for 1 young man and he will never be the same.
This basketball player has been given up on by all his teachers. They told me not to dedicate too much time because he will NOT respond.  I don't quit on People.  Releasing Potential from what is buried is always the trick. This kid needs tutoring so he can be confident, not to be tossed aside because he's a jock who doesn't like reading. There's a REASON he doesn't read. he has TROUBLE reading, and that's where help needs to be aimed. Now that I have his TRUST, I can make a difference with him on more than one level. It already started on the first day when I was the only one treating him the way he should be treated.
The character of a man, is make clear in crisis. 
moral of this story: you can make a difference in a life any second of any day . you can make a friend, gain an ally, learn that the threat is not so bad or that we can beat it if we are just willing to stay IN the game.  there's no reason NOT to always BE there and treat every human being you are WITH in space, with respect and as a teammate in this.
 we are all in this together
our pasts dont matter
each day is a chance to be whoever you want to be
...thats just one thing that happens in one day...
youre IN it  -----FLY.  you get given the chance with every smile or laugh ...or be angry and bitter
You make the choice. 
Martin Luther King: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and c… | Martin
December 2020 - At this time of indescribable horror , loss, trauma and uncertainty - Nothing Else Matters 
People Matter, Lives Matter
Having trouble getting someone to understand it's the "Little Things" that matter, I used to share these nuggets and remind that these opportunities present themselves everyDAY, You just have to be looking for them. The Big Rare Blooms may come once a year, or take even longer, but we have to be present in order not to miss them. 
That is All.
Please Please believe me, Wear your Mask, do not gather
IF you survive this disease it may leave you with a long term multorgan disease and neuro damage, all with  unknown prognosis . reinfection is real, we are seeing it in populations who have high rates of repeated exposures, like LEO, EMT, RN, techs, LTC staff, teachers, delivery staff, prison staff. 2nd infection is NOT less severe than the first in cases we are investigating thus far.
. Please try to make it to 2021 if not for yourself , for those who need you. and that is the message from my first day off in a month. now oncall daily even after I've left work.  starts sunday at midnight 
because it's That BAD. 
if only America had leadership, the message may have been more like this. A Courageous leader is not afraid of the Truth. 

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Comment by NatureJunkie on December 17, 2020 at 3:00pm

Even though this has been "the lost year," I've been treating every day as if it matters. Sheltering in place doesn't give me much chance to see how adversity might bring out my true character, but I keep trying to contribute to the general welfare in every way I can. It's been amazing to find out just how much can be accomplished from inside four walls.

Comment by ThatGirl on December 19, 2020 at 5:31pm

NatureJunkie   - Thanks for writing that. I dont get to hear or read much of that kind of attitude about these times. It's a gift and an opportunity , if you look at this time from the right angle and through a hopeful lens.

 'never let a good crisis go to waste"? it's been attributed to Churchill but I like the way this holocaust survivor puts it. 

.. the measure of a man is who he is then things are difficult, character shines at these times. You don't have to be helping people outright, just doing your part because we're all in this together. 

AT the beginning I was telling folks, "you have NO excuse to have a long list of chores when this is over.. get those things done, we never have time for, AND  explore creativity. I read that sales of musical instruments are up this holiday season and that made me happy to think of people learning to play music instead of staring at the flickering box or videogames. . I hope you stay safe and enjoy some of the quiet serenity this time brings.

Never let a good crisis go to waste: Viktor Frankl's lessons - Axialent


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