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july UPDATE -added free Literature to DL

-(the psychology of Donald Trump) Malignant Narcissist In OurHouse

July 2020 -I uploaded the dangerous case of donald trump and my copy of Bolton's book on my google docs.

1.  The_Dangerous_Case_Of_Donald_Trump_27_Ps.pdf

2. Bolton's Book PDF (virus free. my scanned clean copy) -

In my continuing studies I keep being Lead right back to a book I read years ago by, Sam Vaknin

1.  FREE copy of the 1st book - Malignant SelfLove -u navigate through links (contains links to his videos and other resources of supporting evidence )   -


2.  The March 2016 analysis of DJT by Vanknin


(this file is from my journal subscription- please don't 'repost' it anywhere-lemme know if you can't DL it)

Vanknin IS clinically diagnosed, yet he is an expert, a professor, and highly accomplished man uniquely in touch with his disordered personality. This is highly uncommon as most MN would never seek Help or accept a diagnosis. A MN is often covert and highly sensitive to being held accountable for their actions-When exposed they will play Victim, gaslight and fight accountability. When they cannot avoid exposure, they go Scorched Earth. Tactics may be passive aggressive because the TrueSelf is a coward. (Example- DJT became known for the phrase "You're Fired"!. In reality, the man has NEVER had the guts to fire anyone on his own. He sends surrogates to fire people. He is inherently a coward). Even garden variety Narcissists use triangulation in schemes and manipulations.  People are objects for manipulation.  A large portion of society have a narcissistic style to their endeavors, this is quite difrerent from the Perniciousness of a true narcissist. (Ex: it's like the difference between having a cocktail on a holiday and being an alcoholic).

The Danger in America's current circumstance; When exposed the MN will Burn down everything and everyone around him. DJT's statement "I fight back 100 times harder" is one true statement, however, his perspective on attack is psychotic and deluded.  He has 73 years of believing his delusions. This is not a personality which can ever accept accountability, experience remorse, guilt or empathy and has NO developed moral code. He's not resigning or leaving the Oval Office under any circumstance beyond force.  

MN is the most UN-human of the disturbed personalities. They never developed a True Personality so they display a "falseSelf" very carefully constructed since childhood. They are aware they are unlike other human beings and do not possess an emotional spectrum or react appropriately. In order to present a mask and cover the slithering undeveloped self, they construct the "false Self". The easiest thing to Do is destroy the False Self by holding them accountable or exposing their Truth. Those are Dangerous times for the public or anyone around them. 

Our global society and it's problems have brought to light the Malignant Narcissist in analyzing some of the worst criminals and leaders of terrorist organizations in recent history. 

**as a disclaimer. Psychiatry itself is a  grey area for me, in that even my psych professors and many clinicians are not on-board with how psychoactive drugs are utilized, but the study and knowledgebase as guideline for cognitive behavioral therapy. Here we are with an MN in the White House.

It has become nearly imperative for the general population to now understand this broken undeveloped Personality as we have now experienced it becoming seated in positions of global political power.  Certainly they exist among plain folk. When they do not reach public positions of power and influence , their traits and behaviors are the same, only they are focused on the satellite group around them. One thing both successful and unsuccessful MNs have in common is a pure disdain for "the rest of humanity" in general. Everyone "else" is viewed as inferior  (its best to read the book to fully understand).

The manifestations of what was previously called "The Dark Triad" have also come to public attention in the last several decades. The term was coined when these 3 traits were found to exist across cases of the most vile, murderous psychopaths, dictators, tyrants, serials killers, and mass murderers in the world. There's a very fine line between them... as you will learn if you read the materials.

The DJT analysis provides insight for those still attempting to untangle the web of personality deficits MAGA must have in order to remain intoxicated by this carnival barking pathological liar. 

The psychology behind MAGA is spoton in the analysis. I shared this today in a psych group and had 2 high profile clinicians ask how i found it and why they didn't know it was published. They were enthralled with it's accuracy.  So, this is a Hit if you want to understand the mind behind the monster.

There will BE no psych Eval on the psycho traitor in the WhiteHouse. There will be no test of fitness, no body of clinicians or experts deciding his Fitness. Dozens of psychiatrists weighed in in 2016, and their voices were silenced. We have no laws or regulations on candidates mental fitness to serve in public office. America, as i have Always said to friends who don't understand, IS literally a FETUS of a nation, just feeling it's way through it's first stages of life. We are in a world of trouble, because the Founding Fathers didn't anticipate the person holding the highest office would Not have American interests and adherance to policy and Constitutional law as his goals.

They didn't plan for a traitor or a psychopath. 

.I finally got a copy of the 2nd doc today, so sharing. ..sadly, Irony is 100% Dead.

I always have pictures or music with my writings so I gotta go with it.

THIS keeps proving true daily. Image result for someday america will elect common man quote

and some music for the occasion

This is not America

This IS

This is





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