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Which is More Romantic to You - Natural Settings, Human Constructs, or a Combination of the Two?

For example, is it more romantic to be on a windy hillside under the stars in summer, to be among the fountains and statues of a majestic building, or to be enjoying a sumptuous meal in a cafe while watching swans glide by on a lake?

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You had me at hello :))
The setting means nothing to me. I could be happy sitting in a rubbish skip if I'm with the one I love, and unhappy if I was in the most 'beautiful' place with someone who makes my flesh creep.
I like all three types of scenarios, although nature is more likely to be romantic than an environment made by humans. Sitting in a McDonald's just wouldn't do it for me. On the other hand, after camping in the woods for a few days, with no shower and fitful nights of sleep, I may not feel too romantic either.
Okay, just to get the momentum going, how about if people post pictures within this discussion of what they consider to be a romantic setting. Remember, it doesn't have to be an environment for lovers, just one full of beauty, splendor, and passion (or whatever you feel is romantic, in the broad sense of the term).
Canyon Lake House Pictures, Images and Photos LAKE HOUSE chimenea Pictures, Images and Photos IN FRONT OF A FIRE Romantic Pictures, Images and Photos ROMANTIC HOT BATH
ooh the bath is soo inviting.. Voting for it
I Like a mixture of both.I agree with Christine.It is who you romance ,not where for the most part..FOUR POSTER BED WITH FULL CURTAIN AROUND IT Four Poster Bed Pictures, Images and Photos
well you can get the best of both worlds in a hotel room. We have stayed in one with fantasy suites. The Rain Forest Room was aweseome fun. Sound effects, lighting, fun, fun shower and huge jet tub. Like being outdoors but having all the conviences. I do vote for my all time favorite fireplace and snuggle fur in front of it. But, wait, hmmm thinking. Yeah so far that has to be my favorite.
The roof of a high building in a big ass city at night. I got nothing else ;-)

ooh the roof of a building in a bit city.. I like the way you think. *making note* big grin
Few people know this about me, and I know it's a bit unusual, but I think one of the most romantic settings ever would be in ringside seats at a pro wrestling match.

Enjoying the fact guys are getting involved in this. WE obviously dont think the same way, the Mars and Venus thing. Staying open minded to the other persons wishes often bring big rewards for both. Bun waves Hi


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