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So when you are forced to live in such horrid conditions all you can do with your time is make a cideo to bitch about them.

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Comment by ThatGirl on March 7, 2019 at 12:33pm

thanks Bruce, This is the FIRST video I have laughed at in a LONG LONG Time.  WildernessChig rocks. Every Narrated adventure is Entertainment gold (Ann just rolls with it- that's partnership)

RealEstate & Rental reviews would be a great series.

-- I thought NYC had the oldest ATM's. I think that warrants some kind of badge from TA.  Coyotes were not listed as amenities? That locked alcove will give me nightmares. I AM little people..Im skerred).  I love when you find yourself in a BlackLightSpecial. You got through your Technology Withdrawals with courage-damn TVs. (too many spoilers If i keep going)...I await Amy NJ Pen and Willie to seal this Up. 

the DOGS...that look when they know you're not thrilled and they give ZeroFvcks.  #SideEye , 


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