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WAKE UP to the madela effect (before it's too late)

wake up the world is changing before our eyes

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 27, 2017 at 1:42am

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 27, 2017 at 1:48am

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 27, 2017 at 2:06am

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 27, 2017 at 2:09am

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Comment by Mazethetyrant on August 28, 2017 at 8:25am

I too always remember it as no i am your father and whats confused ppl is that james eral jones the voice actor of darth vader saying in several interviews (luke i am your father) as his favorite line.

that one itself may not be a mandela effect but i know of two which i cannot explain. when i was seven my gran always had kit kats, you know the chocolate biscuits and me and my sister would remove the wrapper and pull the ends of it to see who got the little line in the middle of kit and cat, it was fun to do and we did it for years. now this line is missing and has never existed in any logo in any country. this is not possible as this was the main part of the game.

second was when i was going to comicon with my wife, she got me a pikachu costume and as the tail was long i was worried the tail would drag behind me and get dirty, my wife lifted the tail and said, it wont as you have the black tip at the end, i looked at it and said, oh ok then thats it no longer has a black tip, its gone.

perhaps things like (thats not a knife, thats a knife) (toto i dont feel this is kansas) (we are all mad here) (life was like a box of chocolates) (if you build it he will come) or the disappearance of famous lines like(do you want to play a game) (beam me up scotty) (hello clarice) (fly my pretties) have an explination, but my two examples dont.

glad your are interested in this, i hope you research the mandela effect on youtube and come to your own conclusion from there

Comment by Mazethetyrant on August 28, 2017 at 8:53am

My girl that is a big article which I shall read, I am from Scotland as you know so if the Mandela effect is something in the USA I have no real point of reference other than peoples hearsay which can certainly be annoying and show a level of ignorance to be laughed down, which I certainly would expect to fall upon myself when talking of those things people are more familiar with.
and it goes without saying that if I open myself up to theories that can easily be disproven, which wiggle their way in and are used to point to the strength of the speculation, I should most certainly be mocked. and that is par for par when talking about some certain things in ignorance as proof while its only the subtle differences that I see as proof.
the mistake I made was talking about something which I would not have really known about (liberty) just because some say its part of the mandala effect, rather than the things which I know have changed, like the line of a kit kat, it may not be a highly proven false thing but a subtle proven true thing.
had I just stuck with the things I myself had noticed changing, even if it was just little things, it may have been more accepted than talking about something I had no idea about and trying to hinge all of it on that. as the large one is mocked so will the little ones as if I could not get the first one correct, how can I possibly get the orders correct.
this was my own fault, I should have stuck with what I knew for certain and for that I am sorry, I hope this won't paint your judgement on the smaller things, and avoid becoming a meme here.

all the best

Comment by ThatGirl on August 28, 2017 at 3:22pm

AHH shit, i just lost what i was typing. it was a very long well organized comment and NOW i just dont feel lke repeating that painful process...

in short SOCIOLOGYa href="" target="_blank">Human psychology, Marketing,economics,rebranding, search engine RANKING, fear/bigotry-> (berenstain/berenstein, mayer/meyer change), human stupidity (misspelling words over the last 20 yrs, marketing and product changes), meeting people at their new low functioning levels of consciousness , appealing to impulse buying by low functioning humans, matching the language deterioration supported by smart devices/texting/social media...and generally, patents that expire, trademark empires and lawsuits  ( or the anticipation of a lawsuit)...and FEAR.

When a patent expires, this is a time for marketing to make changes if their numbers are showing some demographic missing that they wish to "target". this happens everyday in marketing. 

Fear can always be found somewhere in the list of "why humans do things'.   Coming from NY and being there working AT the WTC and 4WTC from 1990---til the actual bombing...I would say. i am no stranger to controversy ..attending memorials for friends who died whose bodies were cremated in fire so there were no remains found after 4 years of sifting...  Try to imagine how there are different Perspectives on issues, most especially when you don't do the research or you chose to believe 'hearsay' about things which deserve so much MORE...  try to live the life while the world is full of people claiming 911 never even Happened. 

Neither you , or anyone else can ever claim to have been in a corporate war room while marketing decisions have been made that they Don't wish and are not obligated to publicize.  On bigotry - No company will ever announce "oh hey, so we changed the spelling because we realized we were losing in the white supremacy and neo-nazi markets, gotta get that $$$"...or "the target market of 12-23 is so illiterate now, we must meet them where they live and misspell everything", OR "we have to change the spelling because we can't afford any more lawsuit settlements'.. All of that just SUCKS the magic out of believing in a more intriguing explanation,,doesn't it?

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 28, 2017 at 3:32pm

Patents and trademarks on WORDS :  People apply for patents or to trademark WORDS. Corporations will fight to maintain the spelling of a wordor a particular shape or design they have used over time, in order to keep another business from profiting on the "recognizability" of these elements.  they can then attempt to limit the use of these words in labeling, print or speech. One crazy example can be found with the word HON.  If your product had that word IN it while this person had a valid active patent ON It, there was legal trouble.. take this example and multiply it, check out some patent law and current patents ...

this is ONE tiny example in the spectrum of circumstances where these things occur in business...consider the sad boring reality of it.

Comment by Chig on August 28, 2017 at 5:39pm

Comment by Mazethetyrant on August 29, 2017 at 11:03am

lmao chig was awesome even if it broke my plea to not make a meme


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