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Tues 4am- Worst dislocation ever...when I break down and call's over

OMFG. The most painful, longest lasting, and damaging dislocation Ive ever had - just happened twice.

I've never passed out from pain and never took so long to get it back into the joint. But once I finally forced it IN, I screamed and blacked out. sadly, I'd already broken down and called for EMT.

When you get UP after passing out from shock, there's an exhilaration, a residual of endorphins, the survival neural signals are still floating around your brain.. ..The feeling leads to the prevailing THOUGHT - that if you just survived that, and expect to do it again as many times as necessary, everything LESS than, is Nothing, and you have No Fear.

when it happens chronically, you start thinking, "why not just get rid of this pain signal and BECOME the pain. Cancel Pain by cutting out the problem " scifi dreams that make me write in the morning, have been leaning this way.

The nerve was pulled tight over the head of the bone and backward digging into muscle and tissue, tearing it's way through the leg which leaves me with more damage each time.

I could Feel the nerve pulled tight as a drum from ankle to spine-taking a terrifying tour through the pelvis- I shouted like Willem Wallace and then started to panic because my technique did not work this time.

I dislocate joints that should NEVER be able to dislocate

it's the missing COLLAGEN- Every fibrous joint or sheet of fibrous tissue holding bones together, is where i dislocate. I dont dislocate bones with a ball joint like most people.

The fibula, SI, wrist to distal end of ulna, CMC and vertebrae should NEVER dislocate. A normal SI joint is held with a SHEET of fibrous tissue on all sides. Not MINE! 12 different spine surgeons over 20 years could Not diagnose the actual problem, and have treated every other part, except the offending joint.

No one knows what to do. There are a few stabilization techniques, but which joint do you try first, how many can you do and will it heal with this CT defect?

If being bedridden or wheelchair bound is coming, Im going out On the back of a missile

Let the Bills come at me.. this is America - so far im seeking cadaver grafting because my own ligaments are genetically defective. I found ONE who made a plan to custom design a bio solution...BOOM- disappeared from the State..just before my followup. so I am back on the starting block . this time i memorized the track and gonna speed my way to the NEXT stop...

unbearable pain
the next fight.... rinse and repeat

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