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Nov 7 ...evening at the start of the Lost Weekend

had to wakeup and work sunday but...there's never been a better hangover day. JOY....
The fight is never over. volunteering since 2018 and will never stop again. between Spanberger and Biden Campaign, registering college students and driving people to polls has been the most effective thing to do.

It's women , youth, and our colorful rainbow of humanity that pushed this election over the top. We cant stop fighting.. its just begun. in fact I dont think we will ever be able to sleep or relax, but this Experiment is still worth it

to people who have given up, talked crap about America when it's convenient for them, or everytime they do a flipflop running from their own problems , looking for someone to blame for their misery.. there is always a game of Hide and Go Fvck Yourself they are free to join.

back to work. I kinda like Saturdays because these people seem to be more apt to listen and cooperate when they're not stressed from work or the silent terror they are experiencing because they're still in SHOCK their dear leader has been duping them for 5 years and now killing them. and their families.... by proxy.

Looking forward to even the slightest shift in attitude or a hole in the delusion they are swimming in.

Lead, Follow or get out of the Way.

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Comment by ThatGirl on November 21, 2020 at 11:41am

Trumptanic Tribute video ( damn am I envious of this EDIT... it's everything i would do if I could!) Soundtrack selection Gold. 

PUERTO RICO - this is For YOU.  

==yt keeps deleting the original video. .working 7 days now is fitthing with my insomnia, but at least I'm safe except when  I travel to meet the Epi to do onsight investigations. but i am NOT going in to many of these institutions. even with double mask, goggles face shield and my hair in a surgical matter how fashionable.

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