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WompWomp - broke the glass ceiling, had to fullstop for a tick and Celebrate ..with cautiously optimistic joy.

set some shit on fire Nov 7.... and pissed off some hillbilly neighbors who always come out ShooSTing. emptying clips into dilapidated buildings on their property every time there is a hearing, or a disturbance in their MAGA imMAGAnary delusion.

They must be out of 50round clips because now they're just firing individual shotgun shots..GOOD let them expire all their Ammo. A fvcking longgun is just a big scary stick if you cant' get ammo

Women belong in all places where decisions are made.

RBG Forever.... Taking back Our House. Just the beginning.

Lead Follow or get out of the Way.

I guess. not everybody Knows, the Emperor was Never wearing any clothes-

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