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So my DNA has now been used for research- OK , now give me that bionic arm and leg

We now can do genetic testing to determine efficacy, risk of dependancy, probability of adverse events, poor metabolism or unpredictable response to every class of drugs. My testing was part of a study to provide a baseline for patients with similar defects- results are interesting-glad I have refused nearly every off label attempt to treat my pain. I tried 1 of the most common gaba targeted drugs - which rendered me unable to balance or speak on the first day. Nope.. now I have the supporting evidence - paid for by GeneDX and into the human genome database. Its no help but maybe a useful caution . jfc can't i just get the limbs cut off and some prime bionics. I have some cool dreams lately where i wake up to my pain and think I've got new titanium limbs..but nope. pain just for the sake of pain. no gain.

we put folks right into PT 3 days after surgery- because it triggers healing chemistry,

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