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How one comes to invoke a LoveStory from such crap breaks my brain.

I knew I’d see where it came from eventually. The font was such trash , it didn’t make sense for the content. Not sure if its funny, disturbing or sad. From taking ideas and latin quotes from my work, ASKING me what they meant so you could throw your little clues in to your fanart, to creating the scarred college students sage healer , intellectual, medically trained, dedicated avid reader student who collects everything and cares for her love in every way and brings him everything to show him what reality and love are then turning around and saying..oops someone came along that I can manipulate into believing ive been pining, so after my writing with you, im just gonna make excuses and say nothing I wrote IS what it IS. It's okay, dude, I'm used to how you use me and tell everyone the opposite because to your own confession, you just don't HAVE any ideas of your own and your inspiration comes from me.

desperate is as desperate does. you do you. glad to have served another person in a positive way. It is what i do with no expectations,...but when abuse comes along, it's over.

I hope she finds it ALL someday.. The truth ALWAYS comes out, eventually, whether in time or posthumously. Desparate is replacing someone with a lowgrade biological unit and trying to undo and erase your entire 12 years you lived in the real world for the first time in 40.

this graphic is a slave tattoo from a torture game mod designed by freaks - (this was the Least vile of the collection of sick sex slave torture female degradation stamps. of course it's used Literally in a love story, because figurative language is never used, literal only. I cordially didn't comment.

.. this just seals the deal on the unoriginal "Transcript" from A modded demented video game adventure. Not art.

Not sure how long it will take to untangle my brain from this. Majik, indeed...

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Comment by ThatGirl on January 24, 2020 at 7:01pm

freak fetish torture s*x slave mod tattoos for all your girls you abuse in your virtual reality..mkay . No 


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