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that boy got back in on the same Honors Scholarship offered the first time. He followed my advice to write an essay and a letter to admissions explaining his whole trauma and the last 2 difficult years during which he pulled himself up from the floor.

His gratitude is incredible and he's been cooking with gas the whole time trying to prove to himself this is who he ALWAYS wanted to be. Couldn't be more proud.

i would never abandon my sons, no Matter the sacrifice.

****His Surgeon is now incarcerated. DEA shut him down in 2018 and he was indicted Feb 2019. - was highly regarded, then apparently succumbed to addiction, creating a trail of horrifying surgical trauma in his patients. mine was an 18year old kid out on his own. Reporting to DEA was done by his staff- I did it too after xray showed his screws, crooked insertions, protruding through bone all on angles, with long tip dangerously close to great arteries. (the PostSurgical Xrays he showed us were clearly NOT HIS)-submitted it All to the BOM and DEA. working out could have killed him in PT. > He was dismissed as complaining of irrational pain. Drove 800 miles to get him eval'd and scans read by a Radiologist my school gave me. consulting Radiologists confirmed this traumatic error. mini had 2nd surgery with a REAL surgeon Feb 2019- worse rehab(we think he has some form my collagen genetic defect. his bones break repeatedly-remodeling is not normal). He struggles to work out but does it anyway. Pain becomes a way of life and maybe someday, the 2nd set of fixation devices can be replaced . I'm here to teach him all the nonRx methods of pain control, and keep supporting structures strong to distribute the load. Im accountable for his suffering and cannot change it for him. so i will be here for whatever we face, together. He has a beautiful soul as a partner through this now.

Hope and vision. Now that he's studying engineering, he's choosing projects related to medical devices ,hmmm - In Aeorspace.
(and boy is that kid an activist. .his papers for elective Sociology are BOOMtastic)..*deviousgiggles

Im just so proud and glad to have him still here with us after all he's been through.
..and I hope he stands longer than i ever could. Warriors dont wear costumes or labels, they just quietly take up their swords and fight... with or without any help . if you really want to live, you will crawl through fire. Words are meaningless without action.

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