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singing Astronomical... making a mask at 1AM

i keep stopping and thinking..I cannot believe we are Here. in the worst shape on the entire planet, a nation of first responders and Healthcare workers making their own equipment, taking donations and asking the community to sew them...when we had all we could ever have needed...

i held off making masks using up the last few I had and thinking at work we would be afforded at least 1 N95 that could be disinfected and reused but we dont rate in pharmacy..even the direct contact staff gets 1 per day in a covid ward.

I've lost the power of speech most of the time, i only stutter now. I come home everyday and end up saying " Im stuttering again, I realize im stuttering". Even when Im not working Im stuttering trying to find things to say without talking about the reality of it.

I am grateful to dive into a technical haze for an hour or so when possible. I cant smile or talk to people. by the end of my night at work, im glad for the 1 hour drive in the dark..because i have no ability to communicate or think anymore

... so I sing and it's not Good anymore.
there is nothing Good, nothing good to sing about, nothing but a type of survival I am accustomed to, but for a reason unconscionable.

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