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I grew up in a musicfilled home in Brooklyn where influences were everywhere in all shapes and sizes. The city was alive with funk jazz R&B, Rap HipHop, Disco, NewWave-later would be grunge and infusions like LinkinPark. I got to experience the first rap, hiphop and breakdance contests, streetdance, rollerboogie, beachconcerts and all that is NYC nightlife-but had these roots in 1970s British rock exposures from my childhood.Those dueling forces have a great influence on art. My older cousin exposed me at a very young age to the process and live performances. As a baby I was taken to concerts, festivals and at recording sessions and band practice with his Beatles trippy-era inspired band. All the girlfriends/wives inspired hippy fashion and easygoing spirits. He let me play drums, citar, guitars and watch them write together. Dad gave me giant noise cancelling headphones, built me homemade stereo turntable and MASSIVE speakers. I had access to his unlimited collection of LPs. I wore out Tommy, explored all the best of the 60s and 70s and grew a love for artists who push boundaries and go deep. My family was littered with musicians, closet singers and artists of all kinds-from cartoonist to sculptor. In 1977 I was taken to see Queen at MSG. Kids at concerts? They let me in. Mind=Blown. I'll never forget seeing Freddie Strut down that ramp in that white suit right toward us and perform so close in that glittering white bodysuit. Nothing tops live performance art. I ended up being at the first Depeche Mode and Talking Heads US shows, amongst mostly Asian fans at the time. Always drawn to music as art and artists as enigmas. The Prince concert after pining for his first album and having my mind blown by the sexuality and gender-twisting nature of his style; hooked me on Prince as an enigma like Bowie before him.I got stopped from playing this imported singlein my backyard with friends at the pool-I think neighbors were getting their libidos tapped by the music and didn't like it--I made sure to get all the imports from then on. Losing Bowie and Prince in the same year has been meaningful for alot of people. They both definitely inspired me in many ways. RIP , Beautiful Ones.

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