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Comment by ThatGirl on January 30, 2015 at 4:59pm

Andromeda Burnout – Sword Training Scene


Characters: A=Andromeda,  D= Baron Dixon


*** Disclaimer  I have no experience writing a scene of this nature. I trust you will TAKE THIS general IDEA and rewrite as you envision your role and what YOUR character would say to this girl.  Small but full of fury.


Setting: outdoors piney area or indoors LIKE the Neo vs. Morpheus room.

Theme: Andromeda has already been training with the Sensai for a while. He has agreed to train her despite the fact he knows her thirst for vengeance will lead to Her death.  He cares for her so he wishes to give her as many gifts of skill as he can.  He pushes her because he knows she is Capable. Scene opens DURING a training session.  DIXON does most of the talking…She is a woman  of few words, isn’t she..?


(throughout this scene  she is practicing LUNGES and other moves toward an invisible opponent while he stands at her side observing and then ADJUSTING her arms, shoulders posture to perfect the move. He should walk behind her and to her opposite side during the dialogue as well.  Dix, you should shoot first and I will work my positioning AROUND what you do)…



D:  You have the fury in you. I will teach you how to engage it. How to become truly fearless.


A true warrior understands to defeat your opponent you must be in complete control.  Do Not think, ONLY Focus.



A:  Focus…


D: Yes,   Patience, Focus, Agility…they are your tools for success..  I will teach you to become Truly Invisible


A: Invisible?


D:  In the mind of your opponent, you must become a new and mysterious creature, inomprehensible to him in the chaos of combat.  God-like....!  It is not enough that you merely find his blind spot.  You must BE his blind spot.


A:  I want to kill them all…why has society become so apathetic…(she loses focus, and her Angela side begins to question what she is doing)


(DIX GETS FRUSTRATED with this loss of focus)

Comment by ThatGirl on January 30, 2015 at 4:59pm

D:  Society is NOT your PROBLEM!!  Society's apathy has NOTHING to DO with YOU!! You are NOTHING!  Get it?


A:  You have no idea what I've been through....


D:  (Inttererupts her) I don't have to know what you've been through! I've been through more than you'll ever know!  But hey, if you want to go on a mass killing spree to punish society for wronging YOU, then go ahead. Hack away!  You don't ned ME for that.  Society will definitely give you the attention you so crave! (He starts to exit)


A: I NEED you, Sensei!


D:  Not for that!  You don't need FOCUS to inflict your wrath upon the masses.  Meanwhile, the individuals who ARE your enemies go untouched.  (He calms down a bit...) You can't "cure" society's ills.  Society is a SYMPTOM.  You're not a therapist.  You're a surgeon.  You must excise the tumors that cause the disease.  That is the way of the assassin.  That is why you require focus.


D:  Consider Justice  (the following line is a quote from Pascal..I fall in love with him over and over it seems when I’m reaching for a simplified view of complicated things, consider this line or perhaps find a quote YOU love and can deliver with true passion.)


Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyranny.

A:   There is no justice, there is only vengeance. 


D: How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it?

I will teach you to channel your anger into pure action.  Your opponent is worthy of your vengeance. Let it not swallow YOU whole, but feed upon the enemy.


( this is a quote from Marcus Aurelius on Anger – do as you wish here as well)


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing ( Einstein)


You will become a fierce warrior…only You must let go of all your emotion and become the sword ..become the force that strikes your justice upon the enemy.  Only you can take this control…..


(Dix has to do something here – a gesture-


 Perhaps: take her chin in his hand, stand in a position looking down on her, shes very small, doesn’t lack confidence but is TOO wrapped up in emotion.   He is trying to teach her to let that go in order to accomplish a mission.  He sees that and sympathizes with her.  He may have feelings for her that complicate this relationship as well.


She must BOW to the sensai at end of scene…

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