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Both my men are inked like crazy

Each has a clear and consistent style . Just like I always advised them to take time, and test theories before committing .. they actually plan their whole body thematically.

Thor is straightup Asian influenced - focused on warfare and great beasts..( mama is proud)

Minimonk is Totally existential- great ideas and symbolic ink. He has the most beautiful astronaut on his scapula- so precise and with a Mindblowing Message . his others are subtle beautiful messages as well. Like quiet whispers and visual reminders of times in his life. He is a historian with his ink. None of them are in your face - loud. they are all delicately artistic- like paintings except the bands and symbol which are Timestamps of struggle and survival for him. Teo very different men, my boys. And proud of both

Mini doesnt take photos, or allow anyone to photograph him, so it was the rare occasion he took photos on MothersDay. He did takes some pics of his tattoos -that i have saved somewhere. Maybe I'll catch him next week and get photos.

They are so different... mini is a deep dark rumbling earthquake beneath tye surface

Thor wears his heart on his sleeve..
I love my men.

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