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I repaired my sword just like my body- spit and glue

Gotta stand for something and make something better for someone else or why the hell bother

Cant make a fist with my hands rn- joint injuries and nerve damage spreading through the body - hands and arms were next. everytime i suffer a new degrading tendon or joint injury- i tend to do More intentionally to force muscle memory.

Apologies for not being here lately- my injuries were getting worse by the day so im undergoing unpleasant treatments —with new dislocations- so ill be back to work in a few weeks. .

They suggested gene therapy but no way for me as the only patient with this defect on record (can't get it paid for if they refuse to officially call this debilitating defect a 'disability"-even though the report describes how it is a defect of ALL connective tissue, thin , weak, undeveloped, loose, easily torn and can't repair itself)..pretty obvi it's continuously disabling. got fingers and wrist bones now that spontaneously tear and dislocate. this got way more painful and often than the tibfib that makes people ill when it happens.

I live with pain.. not a problem.

Recently discovered melted wax body painting- i just dont feel pain in the same way as others now. I can stick my left hand right in it.. no problem

Ill call it a superpower for now. If we were living in a Marvel Universe, I'd be pretty convinced Im being transformed into something "other"... but until I cant take one more minute, Im gonna push away any thought of quitting in any way.

PT. starts tomorrow even though its so expensive. They have to record progress officially so no more personal training

Damn healthcare is devastatingly expensive. Whole people have No idea

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