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  • I got Steve.

    I got Steve.

    evening with the nurse shark on the inflatable . Of course he had to PET IT. next few clips he pe… ThatGirl Sep 26, 2021 97 views

  • Part 2 parlor Guitar

    Part 2 parlor Guitar

    Here is the second part of my restoration of an early 1900’s to late 1890’s unknown brand Parlor Gu… Trimaddog Jun 5, 2021 21 views

  • Quaranteam 2020

    Quaranteam 2020

    Thank you to everyone who are isolating during these bizarre times .I salute those folks out there… Chig Apr 25, 2020 45 views

  • ThatGirl Got a Package From Chig

    ThatGirl Got a Package From Chig

    -just click the link to youtube if it won't play. April 24, 2020 ..thank you video note. i didn't… ThatGirl Apr 25, 2020 174 views

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