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  • Breaking Ron

    Breaking Ron

    After 40 years working in the same job in the same lab, Romesberg is awakened. Thanks to Omaze, Aar… Chig May 18, 2014 118 views

  • Dog


    Just test fitting a new harness. I think it was a good day from down there. Tags: dog Chig Jan 1, 2014 104 views

  • 5 x 5 dump

    5 x 5 dump

    Gotta go to work. This is just odd. Tags: 5x5 Chig Mar 3, 2013 166 views

  • Catalina Snow Day

    Catalina Snow Day

    I had to work, but DogMom walked in beauty so I could see it. The song is by Lisa Hannigan from the… Tags: home, hannigan Chig Feb 23, 2013 56 views

  • Git Along

    Git Along

    They are ablowin' up skwerls in vids now! If buns and squirrels can see nose to nose and eye to eye… Tags: balls Chig Jun 29, 2011 37 views

  • An old guys past time

    An old guys past time

    Just add water and it's a party. Actually, the vid card in my WIndows machine is on it's last legs.… Tags: Party Chig Jun 17, 2011 64 views

  • 30 seconds of LtAdams2247

    30 seconds of LtAdams2247

    An animation test for an upcoming project and a special shout out to the master behind the Adams Tr… Tags: Balls Chig Jun 15, 2011 94 views

  • Orange Sky Reprise.

    Orange Sky Reprise.

    First off Kirb is still with us, and active. His Lymphs are not swollen at the moment. I have no cl… Tags: friend, human Chig May 18, 2011 100 views

  • Anesthesia


    I had to get the video segments off a composite connection to an old Cassette camera.... And I had… Chig Feb 19, 2011 64 views

  • ABCs of Pain Scores

    ABCs of Pain Scores

    Yep it defies explanation. Chig Feb 19, 2011 56 views

  • The Heart of Tucson

    The Heart of Tucson

    This is mostly raw footage of one of three memorials following the Jan. 8th shootings which made th… Chig Jan 26, 2011 69 views

  • Orange Sky (revised edit)

    Orange Sky (revised edit)

    Sorry about losing the comments on the other posting. I was not completely happy with that edit. I… Tags: west, outdoors Chig Jul 25, 2010 92 views

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