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  • Woodfruff


    For NJ. Look at the end of this video, part without the music. That was 11 months post treatment fo… Chig Feb 26, 2017 59 views

  • xmas_2000_thru_2007 War is over

    xmas_2000_thru_2007 War is over

    I found some old footage of Christmas time 2003. At the time I hated doing this every year. I'm pre… Chig Dec 8, 2016 59 views

  • Bloom video with 2016 footage

    Bloom video with 2016 footage

    Mostly P greggii. One Trichocereus greggii, Cereus periuvianus, and a couple P johnstonii. Chig Jul 6, 2016 79 views

  • virtual_chig2


    quick attempt to make a virtual 3D Hair to come... probably going to start over. Ah crap... I… Chig Jan 15, 2016 71 views

  • Night Bloomer

    Night Bloomer

    Peniocereus johsntonii and Peniocereus greggii var transmontanus bloom nights. If you look at the r… Chig Apr 14, 2015 79 views

  • Found:  MOTC Wedding Video.

    Found: MOTC Wedding Video.

    This is a really rough proof of concept... However, it made me laugh. So until I have something new… Tags: Captain, Stubbing Chig Feb 3, 2015 85 views

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