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Diesel Bodine's Videos (130)

  • Meaningless Blues

    Meaningless Blues

    Thought I'd have some fun, turn on the video camera and sing some incoherent syllables to a Blues p… Diesel Bodine Nov 15, 2012 45 views

  • Gorilla


    Original Music by Scott Crothers for our Great Ape Cousins. Diesel Bodine Sep 26, 2012 11 views

  • Katy Estuary

    Katy Estuary

    A Collaboration Song/Video. Frank DiPietro: Lyrics and Video-maker, Diesel Bodine: Music (Compositi… Diesel Bodine Aug 20, 2012 25 views

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    For my San Francisco area friends. Diesel Bodine: Vocals, Guitar & Arrangement Diesel Bodine Aug 20, 2012 9 views

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