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Jim asked about my childhood chemistry set. I describe how I assembled it and some various things I did with it.

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Comment by Jim on June 5, 2009 at 11:59pm
Hey, thank you, Chuck, that was a nice surprise to find here on a Friday night. =) I, too, had an "enhanced" chemistry set, starting with the same one you started with, I think. Later I ordered a lot of extras from the Porter Chemical Co. (in Hagerstown, MD - I remember that because my parents were from Maryland). I loved all the flasks and rubber stoppers and tubes and beakers, they made me feel like I was a mad scientist. >:D At one point my cousin told me where I could send in for a booklet on how to make fireworks, haha. I made a stink bomb, a smoke bomb, and various other things to impress kids in the neighborhood. By the time I reached high school, though, my main interests shifted from science to humanities, and have remained there ever since. So now it's all just a memory. Thanks for refreshing it tonight, Chuck. =)

By the way, those were nice frontage roads (or whatever you call them) in your vid. I liked all the greenery around them.
Comment by SuburbanRider on June 6, 2009 at 7:47am
@Jim Yes, that one road was a frontage road to Lake st. also known as Route 20 that goes into Chicago.


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