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Solving the WATER crisis in Nevada/Arizona/CA-UNLV Potable water engineering -my cousin's son

the Environmental Engineer...

Daniel  is my cousin's son. She is older than I, and took care of ME when i was little. She had Danny as a teen and I remember helping her with him as a baby when I was a teenager. He was sort of raised by a community effort, of extended family members and his father's side chipping in. 

On all my visits to AZ through the years, observing all the development, I always wondered HOW they could keep up with growing infrastructure and the drain of people insisting on having LAWNS in the dessert. Well, Daniel was paying attention all his life growing up there and became an engineer.

I recently just learned he moved to Vegas and here is why... He's on the UNLV research staff solving the Potable Water dilemma. - UNLV Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction

the eww of water reclamation...

I do not speak to my mother's side of the family. They are all her sisters to whom she has spread lies and rumors all my life, once she realized she had failed miserably as a parent. In doctors' offices, my mother got informed she was doing me wrong by not seeking treatment. She was given rough diagnoses and told her child needs medical attention but ignored all of it. She chose to preemptively LIE so she wouldn't be held accountable by family.

I subsequently was treated as if I was being a hypochondriac, dying in kidney pain, crying, unable to breathe with asthma around animals, and was given no medication and no healthcare.   As I grew old enough to have a job, I paid for my own doctor visit, allergy and asthma medicine and my mother was then confronted again by adults. She responded with rage and banished them as well. I can't imagine a family that does not want to CELEBRATE the accomplishments of their children or grandchildren, but that is who my mother became. 

These accomplishe

My mother and her sisters became CRAZY evangelical Christians...this drove me away early even before I left home as a teen. However, it seems to have morphed several times into different versions of itself but they are ALL still deluded. What blows my mind is, anyone who succeeds, goes to college or becomes a professional, gets ignored or disowned in some way. They don't relate and have a sour attitude about anyone with an education. They will mock you , call you arrogant, and claim you are betraying your "god" by studying science...not even kidding. You can understand why i have NOTHING to do with these people. 

is busy spreading propaganda on the web with their heads firmly planted in their anuses...while this guy is doing the work that keeps the cogs turning.....  that IS the way it works now, isn't It

many of us are just waiting for a large portion of the generation with the selfish gene to just die off so we can keep going with some REAL goals rooted in reality.

I seem to be the only one who recognized his work. go DAN... 

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