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Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now

January 21, 2012

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Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:10am

Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Unfolding Now

Off the radar of the mainstream media, many futuristic energy technologies are positioning themselves to change the course of human civilization. These breakthroughs herald a fantastic future in which energy scarcity is a thing of the past.

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

An age of free energy is rapidly approaching. As we speak, multiple companies are preparing the technologies that will make energy abundant, cheap, and extremely low cost. The most exotic of these technologies are poised to bring an end to the age of fossil fuels, by allowing energy to be produced in radically novel ways. All of this is taking place with very little, or even no coverage by the mainstream media. They are sneaking up on the world, with relatively very few people paying attention. 

For the past decade, we at PESN have been tracking these game-changing innovations as they develop, and report on them as they move closer to the market place. We have made a "Top 5" list of the most promising of these technologies, and have paid especially close attention to them. Tonight, January 21, 2011, Sterling Allan (the founder of Pure Energy Systems Network) will present the latest updates on these technologies to millions of listeners on the Coast to Coast AM radio program. 

Of all the emerging technologies the public should be aware of, the following are the "creme de la creme" that deserve special recognition. From our vantage point, these are the ones with the most potential to make a strong and lasting impact on our civilization. In the remainder of this article, we will describe these technologies, and explain why everyone eager for an energy revolution should follow their progress towards the market place.

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer)

Perhaps the most relatively well known technology of the top five list is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat or "Energy Catalyzer." This technology could be described as utilizing "cold fusion" or "low energy nuclear reactions" (LENR). It allows for massive amounts of heat to be released from novel nuclear processes, between ordinary nickel powder and hydrogen gas.

An E-Cat system is small, but produces a robust amount of energy. Typically, a system is composed of a small metal tube (although other shapes have been used) that serves as the reactor core. Specially processed nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and a proprietary catalyst is placed inside of this sealed tube. When subjected to a combination of heat and pressure, excess thermal energy is produced. A volume of water or other liquid coolant flows around this reactor core and extracts the heat -- while

Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:13am

while cooling the core in the process. 

From a very small system that can fit on a table top, many kilowatts of thermal energy can be generated. In controlled laboratory tests, it is asserted a reactor core the size of a D-Cell battery can produce a maximum safe output of 10 kilowatts of heat. This thermal energy is produced while using no radioactive materials, producing no nuclear waste, emitting no radiation into the environment, and releasing zero pollution into the environment. 

Basically, this technology represents a safe and clean form of nuclear energy, without any of the drawbacks of conventional fission based nuclear power. Even in a worst case scenerio such as a natural disaster, an E-Cat cannot "melt down" and produce a dangerous situation. If an E-Cat starts to overheat due to physical damage or coolant leak, the nickel powder will simply melt into a solid lump, and the nuclear processes will cease. 

On Oct. 28th Andrea Rossi allowed his first customer to test a one megawatt plant in Bologna, Italy. The test was a success. In fact, for a period of five and a half hours the E-Cat system produced a constant output of just under half a megawatt of heat, with near zero input power. The customer signed off on the system, and purchased it. Currently, Rossi is working with the first customer -- along with the well known company National Instruments -- to develop more sophisticated control electronics for his systems. Although the plant still resides in Bologna, it is expected to be in the hands of the customer within a couple months.

Recently, Andrea Rossi announced that he is working towards producing a quantity of one million, ten kilowatt E-Cat units for domestic use. These units will both provide heating for the home, and be capable of producing hot water. To efficiently produce the one million units at the lowest price possible, he is engineering an automated plant that utilizes robotics technology. He hopes to start offering the units by the end of 2012 or perhaps early 2013, at a retail cost of around $500 dollars each. Eventually, he hopes to offer kits that will allow these systems to be retrofitted to produce electricity, in addition to heat.

When widely proliferated, the E-Cat technology holds the potential to tremendously reduce, and eventually eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Its huge potential along with its emergence into the market with the 1MW size has earned it the number one spot on our list of the top five technologies.

Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:14am

Solid State Generator or the "Endless Electric Field Generator."

Our number two technology can be described as a "solid state generator", or can be referred to by the nick name we gave it, the "Endless Electric Field Generator." It is being developed by a small company that does not want to be identified at this time. This company has developed a number of technologies, and has acquired a significant patent portfolio. 

This technology works by producing a permanent electric field (the opposite of a permanent magnetic field in a permanent magnet) that does not break down. From this permanent electric field, a constant flow of electricity can be produced. Currently, the output of their prototypes is modest, only capable of powering small lights or other loads. However, they are working towards incorporating methods of increasing the surface area of the device, which will boost the current to a higher level (the voltage is already there). A trusted associate, Mark Dansie, visited the company, and has concluded the technology is indeed real, and works.

The future potential of this technology is stunning. According to the company, once the technology is further developed, a device the size of a postage stamp could produce approximately one watt of constant electrical power -- enough to power a cell phone. It would continue producing this power for a minimum of twenty years (perhaps much longer) while consuming no fuel of any kind. Additionally, these devices are produced from non-toxic materials, and would not be harmful even if swallowed.

Eventually, the technology could be scaled up to provide electricity for any application -- mobile phones, computers, electric cars, homes, etc.

Research on the technology continues, and in the future we hope to provide additional updates about its development. Once this hits the market in maybe 18-24 months, it will probably move to #1 in our list.

Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:14am

PlasmERG's Noble Gas Engine

PlasmERG is a company that is building a revolutionary engine that utilizes small charges of inert, noble gases as fuel. John Rohner, the founder of the company, alleges that the engine will be capable of producing a constant output of hundreds of horse power, and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. It will be capable of producing this level of output for months or longer, utilizing only a few dollars worth of fuel. 

In addition to utilizing very little fuel, the engine is claimed to emit zero pollution into the environment, run very quietly, and require no cooling system. It can be used to power automobiles, and to turn generators to produce electricity. Also, it said to be capable of replacing electric motors in many applications. Due to its simplicity, it has far fewer components than an internal combustion engine, and should need less maintenance. With this engine in a vehicle, oil changes, radiator flushes, and fuel filter replacements will be a thing of the past -- along with fill ups of fossil fuel! 

The inspiration for their "Plasmic Transition Process" engine comes from the "Papp Engine." Joseph Papp, the inventor of the "Papp Engine", was an immigrant who repeatedly tried to commercialize his noble gas engine. The saga spanned several decades and was filled with drama. Although Papp was never successful and died without seeing his technology enter the market place, it now seems PlasmERG (and their partner company Inteligentry) will be launching a much improved version of the engine in the not too distant future -- probably within the first quarter of this year.

Once the engine -- composed of mostly custom made parts -- is tested and proven to perform as claimed, it may move up to #1 on the list of the top five technologies.

Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:15am

Power from CO2 and Fly Ash 

The technologies offered by MP BioMass could be considered as slightly less "overtly" exotic than the others on our list. However, they are extremely significant technologies that could benefit our world in many ways. Their technologies hold the potential to manage the waste produced by burning coal, capture CO2 emissions, and in the process produce fuel and energy.

One technological solution that MP Biomass offers is a method of capturing the carbon dioxide from flue gases, to totally eliminate CO2 emissions. This is accomplished via a world-wide patented system that they assert mimics a form of artificial photosynthesis. 

Their "nano-membrane pyro-gasification process" not only extracts CO2 from flue gases, but prevents other pollutants from escaping into the atmosphere. The process also captures oxygen (grade 5), and isolates hydrogen from the flue gases. This allows for the production of methanol and electricity, of which a small portion are used to keep the process going. The amount of methanol produced seems impressive, with 551 gallons being produced from each ton of carbon dioxide captured.

The methanol produced by MP BioMass's process is asserted to have a cetane rating of sixty or higher, which equates to high grade, premium fuel, able to run in an automobile without modification. 

Another solution offered by MP BioMass is the ability to better manage the huge amounts of fly ash produced by coal burning power plants. They are able to extract the remaining energy content from the fly ash, along with valuable ferrous and non ferrous metals. The process also detoxifies the ash, and would dramatically reduce the quantity of fly ash put into landfills. 

The technology of MP BioMass is also proven, and currently in use. It is beyond the prototype stage. Millions and millions of dollars have already been spent developing the technology, and a plant has been operating in Serbia since 2003. The company also has three smaller plants in Italy, which utilize their technology. A ten megawatt plant is planned for upstate New York, and a huge two gigawatt plant has been purchased, which will be built in Saudi Arabia. It is expected to be completed in 2015.

Although MP BioMass may not be offering a technology that will shatter the laws of physics or eliminate the need for fossil fuels, it is capable of providing many clear benefits. I think their technology could help allow for civilization to continue, while we wait for the most truly exotic technologies to emerge.

Many coal power plants facing shut-down because they can't afford the modifications required to be compliant with new emissions standards, could not only stay open, but actually make a profit from those emissions, while cleaning up the environment.

Comment by Arkian Michael on January 22, 2012 at 7:17am


Defkalion is the Greek company that used to be partnered with Andrea Rossi, before he terminated his relationship with them during the middle of 2011. They had hoped to develop and market his revolutionary cold fusion technology around the world, except for the Americas. Now, the company claims to have developed their own nickel-hydrogen technology that is alleged not to utilize Rossi's proprietary industrial secrets.

Unlike Andrea Rossi's technology that has been tested repeatedly -- consistently showing massive excess energy production -- they have never allowed a public test of their technology. For now, they are keeping such things confidential.

If they can provide evidence that they have a working, robust Ni-H technology, they may move higher on the list of the top five technologies. Although they would be competing with Rossi, there is plenty of room on the market for a number of different cold fusion technologies. Simply put, both Defkalion and Rossi could manufacture cold fusion devices for many years, and not meet the demand that will exist. 

The main claim they make is that their "Hyperion" technology is superior to the E-Cat technology. This may or may not be the case, and only time will tell if they can back up their statements with evidence. Those who have visited Defkalion (although not seeing proof of working systems) report a top notch lab, professional engineers, and lots of expensive equipment. 

One point of concern for some is the possibility (unconfirmed) that they may be utilizing portions of Rossi's technology without his permission. We don't know whether or not this is the case, so for now we have no choice but to hope they are being completely honest. However, if they could provide an explanation of how their technology (for example the catalysts used) is truly different from Rossi's, it would be very reassuring. 

Let's hope all of the company's claims turn out to be true. A world with two robust cold fusion technologies would be better than a world with only one.

Stay Tuned For More

Please continue to visit PESN for the latest news and updates about the top five technologies, and many others that are emerging. There are new technologies emerging almost on a daily basis, and we do our best to provide the latest up to date coverage of the most promising among them.

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