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Polypropylene Nonwoven Masks- you can make

so, how do you get polypropylene fabric to begin with?  Many reusable totebags, household and outdoor items are made of this fabric-like plastic. You can cut them up, dispose of edges where stitching has been made, Inspect them for holes then work with the Large remaining in tact sections - .

 This non woven plastic provides a material without holes , as malleable as a fabric, that not wick or absorb fluids.

Reusable shopping and tote bags are the most easy to obtain, they vary in thickness- so just do a light test. Some are also water resistant; do a water test. Pick the most dense bags. Look around your garage- many storage bags for tools, pool supplies, hoses, inflatables, outdoor covers- are also polypropylene (they must be ONLY poly layer, not fused with another layer like a waterproofing).  Some tray liners and crafting supplies are also poly. the center of a bedskirt is usually a very Thin PP (not useful for constructing a sturdy mask, but can be used as the Extra layer between 2) When wearing a mask all day, fabrics hold microbes in a lovely puddle of fluid. IF you use cotton masks, do wash them after every use, and have several. Getting in the habit of wearing a poly fiber mask with a disposable procedure mask over it reduces the chance your reusable Poly mask will be exposed or capture this 0.125 micron pathogen, and extends the life of any N95 you may be forced to reuse.

The nose seal, side fit and under chin determine how well Any mask will perform. if your fit is poor, it negates the design principle.

insertable filter - Vacuum cleaner bags. or multilayered poly packets made from thinner PP like household air filter material or bedskirt center.

I've been custom fitting to adult and children. The patterns attached won out as the base design for fit, breathability and seal. We fit tested my final design at the hospital under the hood. (the grey one with curve shape around the nose clip , which is just a small modification to the templates) In order to save money and avoid putting your trust in Fakes you may be finding online , you can try these.

make 3 layer masks with an insert pocket for added filter or  add a 3rd layer in your construction and skip the pocket. my mask passed the fit test with only 2 LAYERS

I got the idea from an engineer making his own, who built a heat sealer too . We have to SEW them- so your stitching has to line Up and not stray into the area beyond the edge seal. IF you have the ability to heat seal, IDEAL.

you can make them with ties or with elastic- most people like the elastic even though threading the ties through so there is a neck loop is great for work so you untie and its around your neck ( you dont hvae to touch the mask)

-Patterns are here=


( i modify the pattern by making a separate packet containing a THICK flexible coffee bag tie (lasts longest through daily handwashing)-. prepare the packet, sew the mask halves together, turn it rightside OUT, then sew the packet ON the inner side of the mask along the original sewing line so not to add holes . (use any type of twist ties coated in plastic to avoid rusting or degradation of metal )

<the packets can be flipped UP or left tucked .  if your glasses still fog, you need to remeasure for fit.

change the pattern by 2-3 Cms for each size larger . also cutting the sides on an angle has brought better fit and comfort results 

I can't make anyone believe what they wish to blockout. 

If it helps to process, at the state covid response level we have now switched to working  7 days investigating, visiting, calling, tracing and taking trips  every day from 7AM - 10PM and holidays.

the difference is- we can catch someone who may die at home if we don't followthrough and we are trying to make a 1% dent in the unmitigated spread by people taking little to no precautions and continuing to gather and travel. we've had dozens of times when we call we learn the Contact from a week ago is already hospitalized or if we have backlog, they have already died, many at home. 

you can't complain of how Covid is effecting your childs school experience or your business if you insists on FEEDING the Monster new hosts.

end of story. understand we have contacts and cases who are out in public everywhere, whether asymptomatic or not.

if it helps to tell one random story. A man who was a contact gets exposed constantly (this is very common for any essential worker, whether they are LEO, HCW, delivery, food service, factory, Amazon, govt, or restaurant workers). He was cautious and terrified because he has a baby at home and a fiance' with RA on immunosuppressants. 

He cant help that he is forced to travel from county to county to do his job. He was riding in his truck with a coworker who would not wear a mask and coughed on him while on a 1 hour trip. He laughed and mocked Covid19, he was dead in a week, and his wife died 2 days later at home. Neither of them ever had fever, he only had a cough, and she had no symptoms but was rushed to the hospital 2 days later with SOB and died in ER without ever being admitted . this poor man exposed his young fiance' who was then hospitalized and his guilt overtook him., then turned to anger during our communications through his quarantine. there are 100s of thousands of these stories, you may hear one on the news or none.  The only way to slow this at this point is to stop feeding it hosts, and stop the selfishness of gathering because of boredom. we hvae reached the point where 4 of every 5 contacts we get from a single case are already infected by the time we find them. Theyve been traveling, shopping going to work, some are already gravely ill by the time we locate them. Do the math... 

every choice we make from this moment on, decides how many will be alive to see 2021.

FACTOID- the Death stats are from 7-21 DAYS BACKLOGGED. understand that means we are only seeing the deaths from before thanksgiving. in 3 weeks, at xmas, we will see the apocalypse caused by thanksgiving travel. Uni students are starting to be sent home across country without having quarantined before carrying it back home- this will equally contribute to infection rates.  and it will only continue from there if there are no universal mask mandates and fvcking dining closed. jeesus fvcking christ , pick up your order, driveup to your supermarket and trunk pickup your food and fvckoff home. too hard for Karen.

most medical professionals, journos and others who must travel or work indoors, practice using pods and rapid home tests coupled with quarantines before daring to add to their exposures. there is a retired surgeon who worked with a testing company and sells his own self test that is over 99% accurate. you can purchase a bundle making them only $50 each. the value cannot be measured if you have to move about or want to See a family member or are bringing a uni student home. not mad ..i dunno what i am

..state level covid response team inside peek -  Afternoons and evenings are the worst- labs that came in this morning are finally having case info to connect them with. now starts the next steps. 

uncommon public safety you REALLY need your hair cut at a salon? this is one the most common non essential businesses to cause outbreaks and ignore public health measure -we have investigated and had to repeatedly ShutDown salons. next to restaurants and weddings,. Haircutting is the closest contact the "establishment" insists on keeping open, and the longest exposure you can have for no fvcking reason.

rethink that if you're obsessed with the salon. get a goddamn flobee or shave your head like RNS have had to do to avoid infecting themselves accidentally.

im not mad 

Can'[t apply the Darwin principle to this pandemic... I wouldn't bat an eye at people causing their own demise (same as working in a hospital ER, where we do all we can to save them from themselves regardless of what brings them there)  this is different. its not  a drunk driver who kills a family. Each person who recklessly goes on about spreading covid19 , has the potential to cause the death of over 40 innocents over the next few months. - a long and horrific process of infection and death. 

its about innocence. 

some people know i've got a thing about protecting the innocent

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Wow! Great, detailed info. Thanks.

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