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** we can make this a series. If you're feeling inspired Post away. Personally , I haven't slept in months, and have been on a music fast, which KILLS ME. Time to reach BACK to where hope lives.

Heres some from my childhood. This man's voice NEVER faltered. just WOW. I have watched this 2005 concert so many times for both passion and quality. 

and HERE is what i consider the first Protest Song of the Hostile Takeover = Hozier's new album is inspired heavily by our  current afflictions

New artists discovered on a mission to Find Solace in these times of Destruction and Hostility pain and apathy.

IF you're looking for a few artists to explore

  1. Tash Sultana - ONE woman show, mixes , composes and performs the entire production. LIVE 
  2. COBI - an incredibly similar vocalist to Hozier but IMO, BETTER and more refined.
  3. Chet Faker - been around a WHILE but keeps evolving. (TalkisCheap, Gold, DropTheGame)
  4. Michael Kiwanunka - start with Love&Hate
  5. Jacob Banks -any track at all

the battle has just begun...

Love from Libtardia

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